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About Us

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is a non-political, impartial organisation.

There are two statutory roles that every Police and Crime Commissioner must have; Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer).

The Chief Executive will also act as the Monitoring Officer. The Chief Executive works with the PCC to enable delivery of the PCC's vision, strategy and identified priorities. They will also:

  • ensure effective operational and strategic leadership of the Office of the PCC through ongoing management and engagement;
  •  facilitate the accurate and appropriate scrutiny of the Police Force's activities;
  • support and advise the Commissioner in the development and delivery of his Police and Crime Plan, statutory duties and responsibilities
  •  fulfil the statutory functions of the Head of Paid Service and Monitoring Officer, which is to draw the Commissioner’s attention to any actual or possible contravention of law, maladministration or injustice.

The Chief Executive for the Office of the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner is Simon Bullock.

In order for the PCC to be able to successfully undertake his duties he is supported by a small team of staff within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC). The OPCC provides support in a number of areas including strategic planning, priority setting, budget and financial decision making, commissioning and partnerships, performance monitoring, governance and scrutiny, consultation and engagement, press and media and general administrative duties. 

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