OPCC Structure

In order for the PCC to be able to successfully undertake his duties he is supported by a small team of staff known as the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC).


The OPCC provides support in a number of areas including strategic planning, priority setting, budget and financial decision making, commissioning and partnerships, performance monitoring, governance and scrutiny, consultation and engagement, press and media and general administrative duties.

Office Demographics

  • 8 staff members are male and 5 are female
  • 1 staff member is of an ethnic minority
  • 3 staff members have declared themselves as having a disability
  • 1 member of staff is seconded to the OPCC from Dorset Police

Can you explain the costs of staff within the OPCC?

As a public sector organisation funded by the public purse, we have a statutory duty to publish the staffing costs of the office.  The link below shows more information about the payscales and other costs (such as National Insurance and Pension contributions) associated with the PCC and all other staff within the OPCC.  

In order to be as open and transparent as possible, below are the job descriptions of each role within the team to demonstrate the value they add to Dorset communities.  These documents also show the remuneration package for each role. 

The PCC has agreed to a development opportunity for a temporary Inspector from Dorset Police to perform the duties of a Staff Officer supporting the PCC in his national work. This is at no cost to the Dorset OPCC budget.  

What areas do the team work across?

The graphic below gives you an idea of the breadth of work the team delivers. The work covers the four key areas of Partnerships & Resources, Programme & Project Delivery, Executive Support & Governance and Communications & Engagement.

OPCC Areas of Work


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