Help your police tackle a national issue - PCC blogs on county lines

County lines is a national issue that affects forces across England and Wales, including our own. The term ‘county lines’ refers to gangs in major cities supplying drugs to other parts of the UK, usually using dedicated phone lines to facilitate it.

The gangs target and exploit some of the most vulnerable in our communities: those who are young; those who are suffering from poor mental health or addiction; those who have already suffered some form of abuse in the past.

It can have a devastating impact on the victims. Those who are coerced into helping the gangs move drugs around the country might be subjected to extreme violence or blackmail.

They may feel that they have lost control of their lives and their homes. Gangs will sometimes move into a victim’s home to use it as a local base for dealing drugs. This is known as cuckooing. County lines ruins lives...

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