Tackling child sexual abuse is everyone's business - the PCC blogs

Martyn Underhill writes about some of the work funded by the OPCC to tackle the problem of child sexual abuse.

The PCC writes: "Often, perpetrators are so manipulative that their victims do not speak up until adulthood – and those long years of living in silence lead to depression, failed relationships and suicidal thoughts.

"The shockwaves caused by abuse do not just effect the individual survivors. Their loved ones, spouses, and children can all go on to become damaged. Entire families can be ripped apart.

"Although clearly, those responsible for this destructive crime need to face justice, child sexual abuse is a problem that’s far bigger than just policing. We need to be able to provide support to victims when they come forward, we need to understand the extent of the problem and to educate people about it – particularly those who may be able to spot the signs..."

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