The taboo around suicide

Martyn's blog on suicide - the biggest cause of death among men under 49 - and how we need to break the taboo around the subject

"The majority of people looking at suicide prevention are health professionals, but this expertise needs to be spread much wider. We need to see other organisations, including large private sector employers, getting involved in this issue and helping raise awareness and training."

"We cannot and should not expect everyone to become counsellors or crisis support workers, but a basic understanding of how to spot the symptoms of depression, anxiety and other common mental health problems is a skill more people should develop. Knowledge of what to say to those who may be struggling and how to refer them to services who can help, is another important skill more of us should have."

"Taboos make problems easy to ignore. If we are ever to address the issue of suicide, and make significant reductions in the number of people who take their own lives every year, the single thing we need to do is to lose our fear of talking about it."

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