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Support a hate crime awareness raising event

After attending a meeting of the Poole Forum in 2018, the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) agreed to explore the idea of scoping and potentially funding a Hate Crime conference. The purpose would be to increase awareness of hate crime issues locally, including those experienced by people with learning difficulties.

Hate crime is widely recognised as an issue that is currently under-reported to the police and other relevant agencies.

This has evolved from the original idea with scoping identifying challenges around the practicalities of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner being able to organise such an event itself. However, the opportunity arose for the Commissioner to partner with Prejudice Free Dorset - an organisation that promotes inclusive communities - in hosting such an event, at which the Dorset Hate Crime Charter would be launched.

The PCC agreed to provide funding and support for the ‘No Place for Hate’ conference which was held on 15 October 2019, organised by Prejudice Free Dorset.

The event was a great success with over 400 attendees invited to listen to an array of informed and experienced guest speakers. The conference was used to formally launch the Dorset Hate Crime Charter.

The Charter sets out co-signatories commitment to work together to tackle hate crime, by setting common goals and standards, which aim to provide a consistent approach.

Signatories want to ensure that the impact of hate crime is fully understood so that they can in turn encourage people to report incidents either as victims or witnesses. The Charter also sets out ways of sharing best practice across the local community.

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