Voluntary Tagging Pilot

Dorset Police has seen multiple successes from a scheme funded by the OPCC, where high risk offenders voluntarily wear tags in a bid to stop re-offending.

The voluntary offender tagging scheme provides offenders with the opportunity to be fitted with a GPS tag for an agreed period while they are on probation or following their release from prison. 

The tagging initiative is generally provided to offenders who have a disproportionately negative impact on communities from committing crimes such as theft and burglary. As well as deterring offending, in a few cases where bail conditions have been breached, evidence from the tags can help in court, saving the criminal justice system time and money. 
It allows repeat offenders to build trust and prove their commitment to breaking the cycle of re-offending. The tag itself acts as a deterrent to stop temptation or to prevent their previous associates from trying to persuade them back into crime.

 Imposing a tag as a condition of bail is currently not permitted. The early evidence indicates that this is an area worthy of further consideration.


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