Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel Annual Report 2017

The Chair of the Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel has published an annual report summarising the work of the Panel in 2017.

Out of court disposals (OoCD) allow the police to deal quickly and proportionately with low-level, often first-time offending which could more appropriately be resolved without a prosecution at court.

These cases are dealt with without the involvement of the courts. As such there is a public expectation that the police, who in such cases act as ‘judge and jury’, have some checks and balances in exercising that power and follow set guidelines and policies.

The OoCD Scrutiny Panel was set up to scrutinise Dorset Police’s use of such disposals, to ensure they are appropriate, proportionate, consistent with national and local policy, and consider the victims’ wishes where appropriate. It is one of several scrutiny panels administered by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to support the Police and Crime Commissioner in fulfilling his statutory responsibility to hold Dorset Police to account.

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