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Use new tech to improve police deployment

Following the successful implementation of the Niche records management system in Dorset Police and the roll out of mobile devices to frontline officers and staff during the Police and Crime Commissioner’s first term of office, he pledged to build on this to improve police officer deployment and briefings.

The existing Dorset Police ‘integrated communications control system’ (ICCS) – governing how officers are dispatched to incidents, file reports and check records – has served the Force well for a number of years but is nearing the end of its useful life.

The replacement of an ICCS is a significantly complex undertaking, given that it interfaces with a myriad of other police systems, databases and technologies.

However, in 2017, following approval of a detailed business case, a procurement process for the supply, installation and ongoing support and maintenance of an ICCS was undertaken, under an existing force-led framework.

The PCC and Chief Constable determined that as the force moves towards achieving greater efficiencies and more collaborative working practices with its alliance partner Devon and Cornwall Police, and with other forces in our region, compatibility of ICCS is fundamental to enable efficiency gains to be realised and maximise staff deployment and training opportunities across Forces.

The two decision makers therefore agreed to procure a telephony and command and control system that is already in place in Devon and Cornwall. Similarly, Devon and Cornwall chose to replace their ageing records management system with the one that is already in place in Dorset.

These decisions were all taken through the PRISM change and transformation board (Police Response Investigation and Safeguarding Model), where the PCC and Chief Constable are represented by the Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Constable. The implementation of this new command and control system is carefully managed by this board, and is on track for ‘go-live’ in the first quarter of 2020/21.

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