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Explore new ways to minimise supervisory costs

In 2015 the College of Policing carried out a review of police leadership. The review considered the changing demands for policing and made recommendations to ensure future leaders can be equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible service.

Recommendations looked at a wide range of areas including career flexibility, recruitment practices, training and development and legal responsibilities. The Police and Crime Commissioner pledged to support the implementation of the recommendations where possible.

Activity in this area has been driven by the alliance between Dorset Police and Devon & Cornwall Police, with the alignment of operational resources and a shared human resources department.

A strategy was developed setting out ‘to efficiently and effectively recruit, retain, develop and support individuals, bringing them together to form high-performing teams, which have the ability to contribute fully to the organisational and operational success of both Forces’.

Sharing functions across the alliance has resulted in a reduction of supervisory and management posts, and there are now senior managers serving both forces.

The new system also means there is now a much more resilient service across the three counties. Strategic Alliance business cases were considered and agreed by the PCC, alongside the Chief Constable of Dorset Police and the Devon & Cornwall Chief Constable and PCC.

The PCC attends, or is represented on, a number of Strategic Boards overseeing how the alliance strategy is being carried out, enabling him to hold the Chief Constable to account for how effectively it is being delivered.

In addition, Dorset Police also agreed to participate in the Direct Entry recruitment programme for 2017/18 and following a nationally led, but locally supported, recruitment process the first ever Direct Entry Inspector for Dorset was successful recruited.  Their role commenced in November 2017 with an attachment to the College of Policing before joining the Force for a 15 week constable training programme. 

See also other commitments relating to recruitment and progression and Evidence Based Policing.


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