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Fight to get a fair share of the Police Funding Formula

Since the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) first took office in 2012 he has been working in a prolonged period of austerity which has seen significant cuts in government funding to all aspects of the public sector, including policing. This has seen major reductions in Dorset Police budgets, a fall in officer and staff numbers to their lowest levels since the 1980s and an increased burden placed on local council tax payers to help fund budget shortfalls.

An initial review and attempted reform to the funding formula by the Home Office in 2015 failed after it was discovered that flawed data was being used in the calculations. Since then, whilst the review remains ongoing, little progress has been made – particularly since the UK’s departure from the European Union has increasingly dominated the national political agenda.

 In terms of specific lobbying activity since his re-election in 2016, the PCC has:

In November 2018, both the Chief Constable and the Police & Crime Commissioner joined others in calling for the Government to provide more central funding for policing.

The PCC will continue fighting for a fair share for Dorset and looks forward to raising this issue with the new government administration as soon as possible. His office will also ensure that regular and accurate information regarding the Force’s funding situation is easily accessible.

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