101 Service Improvement Panel

101 Service Improvement Panel

The 101 Improvement Panel was launched to review the service, identify ways to enhance processes and help make Dorset Police a ‘listening and learning’ organisation.

The independent Panel looks closely at a random selection of calls which have come into the 101 non-emergency number.They discuss whether the calls have been dealt with by the call handlers in a timely and appropriate manner. Feedback and suggestions for improvements are then passed onto the Force.

The panel is chaired by Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, Colin Pipe, and panel members include councillors, voluntary groups and members of the public. The panel sits in rotation to ensure a wide selection of opinions are gathered to best inform the Force as to what improvements can be made.

The Panel also scrutinises the ways in which the Force encourage the public to contact them regarding non-emergency situations. With the re-launch of the Dorset Police website, the public are urged to use the “Do it Online” forms which are an alternative to using the 101 phone number.

By guiding reporting to other channels, 101 call handlers will be able to deal with calls in a quicker, more efficient way.

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Transparency Award

Transparency Award

Dorset's Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has been recognised for its openness and transparency, and received an award.

CoPaCC - the independent body that monitors police governance - presented the office with an OPCC Transparency Quality Mark, meaning it hits a high standard in having accessible information for the public. 

Transparency is an essential part of the democratic process. For the public to be able gauge how successful their PCC is in delivering their electoral mandate, they need access to information that is accessible, easy to understand and fit for purpose.

Dorset was one of 25 OPCCs nationwide to pick up the quality mark. Find out more here >


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