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Continue to seek ways to reduce the Force's carbon footprint and save money

In line with our ever greater awareness of environmental issues and our potential impact on the environment, the PCC pledged to continue to explore ways for Dorset Police to reduce its carbon footprint, while also exploring savings through smarter use of resources and technology.

This built on initiatives such as the installation of solar panels at Blandford Police Station in 2015, during the PCC’s first term of office.

While this commitment remains an ongoing ambition across the full term of office, a number of initiatives have been carried out, including:

Electric vehicles: Dorset Police has installed recharge points at Winfrith Headquarters, Bournemouth Custody, Weymouth West and Ferndown police sites. In addition, the Alliance Fleet Services Department has been given approval to buy five fully electric vehicles to be located in the Poole/Bournemouth area.

Solar panels: The Force estate has been surveyed to identify suitable locations to install solar panels. Blandford police station has had panels successfully installed and buildings at Winfrith HQ are currently being reviewed for their suitability.

Lighting: A systematic review of lighting across the estate has been carried out, followed by the replacement and installation of LED lighting. This has reduced energy consumption levels, reduced maintenance and increased the lifespan of bulbs by up to eight times.

Computers: A programme has been installed enabling remote control of all computers and automatically closing computers down that are not in use, reducing energy consumption.

Energy Purchase Agreements: The Force works with the South West Police Procurement Department (SWPPD) to review energy purchase agreements, seeking economies of scale. Dorset Police works with the Government department Crown Commercial Services (CCS) where all energy needs are procured through a national consortium buying arrangement.

Employee travel: Efficient working practices such as video and telephone conferencing and flexible working arrangements have been adopted in recent years to reduce employee travel requirements. Dorset Police participates in the ‘cycle to work’ scheme and bike racks and shower facilities are available at larger sites to encourage more staff to cycle to work rather than drive. Further work is also being undertaken to better understand the implications of travel on staff welfare.

Fleet management: A monitoring system has been installed across the vehicle fleet and has seen significant reductions in wear and tear and increased efficiency.

Energy efficiency: Within Poole Police Station under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contract, there is the potential to utilise a combined heat and power unit which is currently being explored. An upgraded energy management system has achieved a reduction of up to a third in energy costs.

A number of other energy saving initiatives have also been adopted – from smarter monitoring of energy use in premises, to wall, loft and cavity insulation, and even replacing tea boilers with more energy efficient models.

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