Dorset Police Website Overhauled

Dorset Police Website Overhauled

The Dorset Police website has recently been relaunched with a new, sleeker design to help users find information easier.

It is vitally important that Dorset Police continues to be an accessible, open and responsive force.

Dozens of menu options and unnecessary graphics have been removed to make the site simpler to use and it has now been optimised for smartphones and tablets so it is just as seamless when users are on-the-go as it is when being used on a desktop computer.

A key new feature of the website is the “Do it Online” section. You can now go online to report a crime, request a call back, message an employee, make a complaint, make a general enquiry, provide feedback, make a freedom of information request and email Dorset Police.


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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

A report has been commissioned to inform the PCC and Dorset Police about what energy efficiencies can be made across the Force every year and to improve their carbon footprint.

Dorset Police has a responsibility to minimise the impact they have on the environment which they take very seriously. They work hard to balance the needs of the environment with operational obligations and available resources.

This report was commissioned in line with the 8 pledges that the Commissioner committed to achieving within his first 100 days in office.

This builds upon the good work which was started in July 2015, when Blandford Police station became powered by solar panels. The solar panels on Blandford Police Station save around £1,500 per year in electricity costs. We await the findings of the full report to guide future efforts to achieve further energy efficiencies.

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Body Worn Video for Firearms Officers

Body Worn Video for Firearms Officers

A targeted rollout of body worn cameras for Authorised Firearms Officers across the alliance will begin from 15 May 2017.

BWV is an audio and video recording device. The Commissioner pledged to introduce BWV to Dorset and provided funding for a large-scale trial involved 100 plus cameras at Bridport, Weymouth and Bournemouth from the summer of 2016.

While this roll out is limited to firearms officers, the cameras will also be used for general policing duties, which will increase the number of incidents and encounters where they can be deployed.

The Commissioner's goal is to eventually see cameras rolled out to all operational frontline officers.

The Commissioner is a strong proponent of BWV as a tool to increase the evidence gathering ability of the police, especially in domestic abuse and public order scenarios. They provide an unbiased record of what an officer has experienced, making the police more transparent and officers’ actions more accountable.

He has long argued that cameras can help diffuse difficult situations as people behave differently when told they are being filmed, as well as proving extremely useful in court to assist officers who have been assaulted and in cases of complaints against police.

Public surveys undertaken by OPCC have shown consistent support from the public in introducing this tactic to the policing of Dorset. Find out more on page 2 of the Your Dorset. Your Police. Your View survey report.

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