Council Tax Consultation

PCCs are responsible for setting the level of council tax residents pay within their county.

Council Tax Consultation

As the public’s voice in policing, the Commissioner was keen to consult with residents to ensure their views were taken into account when setting the value of the precept. 

Six weeks of direct consultation with residents, online and through a series of face to face roadshows, took place across the county. Residents were asked to give their views on whether they would be prepared to pay an additional £3.80 per year to offset central Government cuts to local policing.

In the last five years, Dorset Police has had its budget cut by £19m in real terms by central Government and we will continue to be cut by £1m every year for the next three years. In Dorset, around half of the police budget comes from the Government and the rest is made up from local Council Tax

A total of 4,485 responses were received - 8.5% higher than our response rate last year. 80% of respondents supported the proposed increase.

Find out more about Dorset Police's funding, how last year's Council Tax was invested and the plans for 2017/18.




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