Council Tax Consultation

Council Tax Consultation

PCCs are responsible for setting the level of council tax residents pay within their county.

As the public’s voice in policing, the Commissioner was keen to consult with residents to ensure their views were taken into account when setting the value of the precept. 

Six weeks of direct consultation with residents, online and through a series of face to face roadshows, took place across the county. Residents were asked to give their views on whether they would be prepared to pay an additional £3.80 per year to offset central Government cuts to local policing.

In the last five years, Dorset Police has had its budget cut by £19m in real terms by central Government and we will continue to be cut by £1m every year for the next three years. In Dorset, around half of the police budget comes from the Government and the rest is made up from local Council Tax

A total of 4,485 responses were received - 8.5% higher than our response rate last year. 80% of respondents supported the proposed increase.

Find out more about Dorset Police's funding, how last year's Council Tax was invested and the plans for 2017/18.




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Rock Challenge

Rock Challenge

The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner supported Rock Challenge this February 2017.

Rock challenge is a dance-drama performance competition that schools across Dorset compete in annually. Research indicates that the competition leads to improved relationships with teachers at school, a reduction - or even cessation - of substance abuse by team members and lower incidences of substance abuse generally within participating schools.

Throughout the day, the PCC engagement team surveyed hundreds of participants to find out more about young people's views on online safety. The engagement activity carried out generated statistics to support Dorset Police's ongoing efforts to effectively educate and keep young residents safe online.

Deputy Commissioner Colin Pipe, who attended to support the performances, praised the commitment, effort and dedication that participants put into the competition.

The Dorset Police website provides useful information on keeping children safe online.

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Summer Events

Summer Events

Summer events across the county provide fantastic opportunities for the Commissioner to speak with local residents and find out more about local policing concerns, views and ideas.

This year is particularly exciting as we have a brand new Police and Crime Plan to share with the community. This Plan has been written with the views of Dorset residents at the forefront.

This summer, the Commissioner and his team will be attending:

  • Bourne Free, Bournemouth, Saturday 1 July

  • Emergency Services Family Fun Day, King’s Park Bournemouth, Saturday 22 July

  • Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show, Motcombe Turnpike Showground, Wednesday 16 August

  • Melplash Show, West Bay Showground, Thursday 24 August

  • Bournemouth Air Show, Thursday 31 August – Sunday 3 September

  • Dorset County Show, Dorchester Showground, Saturday 2 September – Sunday 3 September

There are many opportunities to support public engagement efforts through volunteering. If you are interested in becoming a Community Volunteer to ensure that your own community has the opportunity to voice opinions, concerns or comments on the service provided by Dorset Police, please contact the Volunteers Team on 01305 226870.

Our events

OPCC Volunteers' Event

OPCC Volunteers' Event

To mark national Volunteers Week, OPCC and Dorset Police volunteers visited Force HQ Winfrith to celebrate the contribution made to community safety, and learn about the 2017-2021 Police & Crime Plan for Dorset.

The Commissioner gave an overview of Dorset Police's four new priorities set via public consultation. The event enabled volunteers to gain a better understanding of what the Force is working towards and the challenges ahead.

Our volunteers carried out user testing of the new web function, providing valuable feedback to help us communicate effectively with local people.

We are grateful for all the do in helping to facilitate valuable public consultation and community engagement opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, find out more about the many opportunities available.

Volunteer opportunities

Bourne Free

Bourne Free

The PCC, OPCC staff and volunteers attended Bourne Free to consult with communities over the new Police & Crime Plan for Dorset.

Bourne Free supports the LGBT community and for the last 13 years has staged a three day festival in the centre of Bournemouth. People came from all across the county to take part in the celebrations.

The Commissioner has previously raised concerns that the LGBTQ victims of sex abuse and domestic violence often don't report offences to police.

Events like Bourne Free, of which the PCC Martyn Underhill is a trustee, provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with LGBTQ communities to understand any barriers to reporting that may need addressing.

The OPCC unveiled the new Dorset Police Pride vehicle, used at the event as a tool to encourage engagement between the police and local communities.

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Emergency Services Family Fun Day 2017

Emergency Services Family Fun Day 2017

The PCC, OPCC staff and volunteers attended the Emergency Services Family Fun Day at King's park to engage with communities over the 2017-2021 Police & Crime Plan.

Despite poor weather, thousands came from around Dorset to witness this multi-agency event.

Visitors had opportunities to engage with different emergency service teams, watch displays and get a closer look at vehicles and equipment.

On the day, the OPCC surveyed 112 people on a number of issues, including how they would rate the quality of the 101 service, their views on upcoming changes to the police complaints system and prefered methods of contact.

74% of people agreed that changes to the police complaints system, whereby OPCC would be the first point of contact, would be positive. Further findings will be shared in due course.

Follow the link and search #Dorset999 to find posts from the day.



Gillingham & Shaftsbury Show

Gillingham & Shaftsbury Show

Fantastic day engaging with local residents at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show.

Thanks to all who came and we very much appreciated winning first prize for the best stand, alongside officers and staff from the Rural Crime and Safety Camera teams.

On the day, the OPCC surveyed 78 people on a number of issues, including how they would rate the quality of the 101 service, their views on upcoming changes to the police complaints system and prefered methods of contact.

Over half of respondents felt that legislative changes in relation to police complaints, which will make PCC Officers the first point of contact for complainants, would be positive

Follow the link to find out more about the day!

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Melplash Show

Melplash Show

The team had a fantastic day alongside the Rural Crime Team, Cyber Crime Prevention Officer Jake Moore and the Safety Camera Team at the Melplash Show.

On the day, the OPCC surveyed people on a number of issues, including how confident people are in local policing and how good or poor a job people feel officers are doing.

Over 81% of those surveyed said that they had confidence in the police in this area. Taking everything into account, 32% of participants said that local police were doing an 'excellent job', while 49% rated local policing as 'good'.

It's really valuable to engage with local people - thanks to all those from West Dorset and further afield who came along and shared their views on policing.


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Dorset County Show

Dorset County Show

Great day engaging with the public at this year's Dorset County Show! 

Over the weekend, the OPCC surveyed over 90 people on a number of issues, including how they would rate the quality of the 101 service and prefered methods of contact.

The PCC can raise policing issues directly with the Chief Constable. 85% of participants thought it 'very important' that the issues raised reflect the views, concerns and ideas of Dorset residents, while 77% thought upcoming changes to the police complaints system would be 'positive'.

Click on the link to find out more about the day!

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Annual Engagement Report

Annual Engagement Report

Upon re-election, PCC Martyn Underhill pledged to publish an annual engagement report outlining engagement activities carried out by the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (OPCC).

In 2017/18, we engaged with over 3,000 people face-to-face at summer events, speaking engagements, conferences, community meetings and PCC surgeries.

We reached over 3.9 million people via our social media channels and delivered 4 formal public consultations receiving over 10,500 responses from local people in total.

The Annual Engagement Report allows for greater transparency, accountability and public scrutiny of the PCC’s current engagement approach, empowering residents to become more involved in generating new ideas to more effectively bring policing to the heart of all communities in Dorset.

Read the full report.



2017/18 Annual Engagement Report



National Volunteers Week is an opportunity to celebrate the huge contribution volunteers make to help keep their communities safe.

Every day there are people in our communities selflessly giving up their time to make things better for those of us who live and work in Dorset. Every year they collectively donate thousands of hours of their free time to make a real difference and help keep us all safe.

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Dorset Police Volunteer Awards Ceremony. It was an opportunity to highlight the achievements of our special constables and volunteers and recognise the time, effort and dedication they give to policing and their local communities.

If it wasn’t for volunteers many community schemes would not operate, voices might go unheard and some police operations would not be possible.


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