Community Road Safe

Since 2010, road death statistics in Dorset have varied year on year from 16 to 26 fatalities. The unpredictable nature of collisions underlines the importance of ensuring all road users get refresher education to reduce the likelihood of being involved in such tragedies.

Community Road Safe

The Commissioner pledged to work with local charities to raise awareness of road safety among the general driving population - not just those who have committed offences.

Dorset Police launched Community Road Safe in September 2016 - an initiative run in conjunction with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service and Kwik Fit, in an attempt to improve road safety across the county. The sessions are free to the public and funded directly from course fees generated when motorists break the lawon Dorset’s roads.

Each session includes a hands on demonstration of simple car checks, what to do if you are first on scene at an accident and a road safety workshop covering the Fatal 5 causes of collisions.

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