Drink drive limit - public consultation

A public consultation launched by PCC Martyn Underhill to gain an insight into Dorset residents’ views on the drink drive limit has found that a majority of people would like to see a lower threshold introduced.

2,098 people shared their views in a survey, with 72% supportive of legislative change to bring the current limit into line with standards seen in Scotland and Europe.  This result is consistent with the national British Social Attitudes survey, which found 77% of people think the limit should be lowered.

Of the participants who stated that they currently consume alcohol before driving, 38% said a lower limit would result in them consuming less alcohol before driving, while 40% would no longer consume any alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill said: “These results clearly indicate that legislative change has the potential to not only affect drivers’ attitudes towards drink driving, but also their behaviour on the roads and ultimately the choices they make."

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