Increase drug drive kits

In August 2016, the Commissioner's pledge to increase the availability of drug driving test kits across the Force was achieved.

The consequences of drug driving can be devastating. The Commissioner is commited to equipping as many officers as possible with the skills to test drivers and bring those who disregard the law to justice.

On 2 March 2015, changes to the Crime and Courts Act 2013 introduced a new offence of driving while over a prescribed drug limit. 

Since that date, Dorset Police has trained all traffic and ‘No Excuse’ team officers to conduct roadside screenings for cannabis and cocaine using mobile testing equipment.

In support of the PCC’s pledge, Dorset Police has extended training to all special constables working with the ‘No Excuse’ team to carry out drug wipe testing. Special Constable, Simon Miller has already secured his first positive roadside screening for drugs during a recent operation.

To date, 48 per cent of drivers tested by Dorset Police officers have given a positive roadside sample, with illegal substances found to be present in the driver’s system. 

When it comes to successfully identifying drug drivers, Dorset Police is the best force in the region. With more trained officers, Dorset Police's ability to crack down on offenders is now even stronger.

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