PCC lobbies for 20mph zone

A new 20mph zone has been agreed by Dorset County Council’s Cabinet for Iwerne Minster.

PCC Martyn Underhill said: "When I was contacted by residents concerned about speeding in Iwerne Minster, I advised that setting up a local Community Speed Watch team could help the cause, in addition to a petition to establish how many residents shared concerns.

“The Iwerne Minster community has since admirably demonstrated its commitment to taking action on road safety and I am pleased to have been able to assist with lobbying efforts to deliver the new 20mph zone. This is about quality of life as well as safety; I congratulate all involved.”

The official signing of the Traffic Regulation Order is the culmination of five years’ work to raise awareness, local funds and carry out safety audits. The zone will reduce the speed of vehicles and make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

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