New Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer

New Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer

Within his first 100 days of office, the Commissioner pledged to continue to educate residents and businesses on how to stay safe online.

A growing problem across the country, cyber-crime is having a huge impact on members of the public and organisations.

Businesses are being particularly hit and the effect of fraud is not only felt by the business, but also the staff who work there which is why tackling it is one of Dorset Police’s top priorities.17% of Dorset crime is business related.

The Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit is already focused on ensuring the Force provides a quality response to all forms of online crime in our communities. However, a significant amount of cyber-crime could be prevented in the first instance if members of the public were aware of how to protect themselves from becoming victims of online crime.

As such, Jake Moore, Dorset Police employee for 12 years, has filled the new role of ‘Cyber Crime Prevention Officer’. This role aims to enhance the education the Force already provides to members of the public and local businesses around cyber-crime prevention.

If you think your business, school or local community would benefit from a cyber-crime prevention presentation please contact Dorset Police's Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer by emailing

Cyber safety tips

Launch of YouTube channel

Launch of YouTube channel

The Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit has launched a new channel on YouTube that will host a series of short three minute videos in an effort to keep businesses safe from cyber-attacks.

More and more businesses are falling foul to cyber-attacks as a result of poor security. From April to September 2016 there were 2,406 reports of fraud in Dorset, 47% of which were from businesses. Cyber-crime has the potential to affect every house and business in Dorset.

The videos will offer information and advice on a series of topics and will be available to view whenever convenient.  

The Commissioner's pledge to introduce a cyber-crime prevention officer was based on the concerns voiced by community members and businesses.

This new platform will inform businesses against the risks associated with cyber-crime in an accessible and engaging way. It will raise awareness of Jake’s role and the role of our forthcoming Business Crime Champion, among those who can most benefit from their expertise.

Search for 'Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit' on YouTube to subscribe to the channel and view all of the cyber security videos.

Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Channel

Cyber security event

Cyber security event

Dorset Police, in partnership with Get Safe Online and OPCC, hosted a cyber security event at the Dolphin Centre, Poole, giving advice and information to help keep local people safe online.

The event took place in the Dolphin Centre, Poole on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June 2017.

Many people brought their devices down and discussed online safety with the Deputy Chief Constable James Vaughan, the PCC and experts from Get Safe Online, banking experts, Action Fraud and the Dorset Police cyber-crime unit. 

Cyber-crime prevention officer Jake Moore said: "If recent events have taught us anything it's that cyber security is so important. We spoke to hundreds of people and gave out over 4000 leaflets to the public with information on how to stay safe online. "

The Commissioner said: "Jake’s role was introduced as part of my pledge to continue to educate communities in Dorset about the dangers of cyber-crime and the steps they can take to protect themselves.

“I’m pleased to say Jake has been doing a fantastic job, spreading the message of cyber-awareness to businesses and communities across the county. This was another great opportunity to make the most of Jake’s expertise, alongside a host of knowledgeable partners.”

You can follow the cyber-crime unit on Facebook (Dorset Police Cyber Crime) Twitter (@DP_CyberCrime) and YouTube (Dorset Police Cyber Crime) to get helpful hints and tips on all things cyber.


More information

Online safety for vulnerable young people

Online safety for vulnerable young people

Vulnerable children and young people who have come from traumatic backgrounds are being given information about staying safe online thanks to a unique project.

Families For Children – the only voluntary adoption agency in the South West – have started running the project after receiving funding from the Officer of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Safer Dorset Fund.

The charity specialises in placing vulnerable children from across the UK – many of whom have experienced abuse or neglect or who may suffer from foetal alcohol disorder – into safe and secure families in the South West. 

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