New Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer

Within his first 100 days of office, the Commissioner pledged to continue to educate residents and businesses on how to stay safe online.

A growing problem across the country, cyber-crime is having a huge impact on members of the public and organisations.

Businesses are being particularly hit and the effect of fraud is not only felt by the business, but also the staff who work there which is why tackling it is one of Dorset Police’s top priorities.17% of Dorset crime is business related.

The Dorset Police Cyber-Crime Unit is already focused on ensuring the Force provides a quality response to all forms of online crime in our communities. However, a significant amount of cyber-crime could be prevented in the first instance if members of the public were aware of how to protect themselves from becoming victims of online crime.

As such, Jake Moore, Dorset Police employee for 12 years, has filled the new role of ‘Cyber Crime Prevention Officer’. This role aims to enhance the education the Force already provides to members of the public and local businesses around cyber-crime prevention.

If you think your business, school or local community would benefit from a cyber-crime prevention presentation please contact Dorset Police's Cyber-Crime Prevention Officer by emailing

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