Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill has today received a prestigious national award for Community Engagement, ahead of 41 other Commissioners across England and Wales.


CoPaCC (Comparing PCCs), an organisation set up to scrutinise the performance of PCCs, looked at all PCC offices across England and Wales, as well as the London Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime to identify how well PCCs are engaging with the public.

Submissions from Offices of Police and Crime Commissioners (OPCCs), examination of public records and social media were used by CoPaCC, to identify the PCC with the most effective public engagement. 

Bernard Rix, Chief Executive of CoPaCC who presented today’s award said: “What is particularly impressive is that Dorset OPCC is one of the smallest teams in the country. It is an indication that with the right team, it is possible to achieve great things. This award is about recognising quality, drive and dedication.”

Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill said:  “This is the second accolade we have received from CoPaCC.  Not only have we been awarded Gold for our engagement, we were also praised by CoPaCC in their transparency awards last year.  This is a remarkable achievement for my office.  I would like to thank my team, advocates and volunteers for all their hard work.”

Susan Bickle, Community Engagement Officer said: “We are expanding our engagement across Dorset, from open public forums to private focus groups for victims of crime.  These are a great way for members of the community to discuss their experiences and voice any concerns they may have.  This national award recognises our commitment and dedication to communities in Dorset.”

Chris Colledge, Community Engagement Volunteer for Dorset OPCC, assists at PCC Forums. He said: “The Forums provide the opportunity for people to ask questions and address their concerns directly with the Commissioner. This ‘hands on’ approach by the Dorset PCC has gained people’s respect across the county. We admire his dedication and drive to connect communities.”

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