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Invite the PCC to an event

Whilst the PCC would dearly love to be able to attend all events he is invited to throughout Dorset, unfortunately that is not possible.  The PCC receives approximately 20 invites a week to various events, obviously he is unable to attend every one. Before invites are accepted we need to consider a number of factors, not least of all, whether ts diary allows the time.      

We do have a number of community days throughout the year and across the county during which the PCC endeavours to visit as many local projects and groups as he can.  It may be possible to arrange for him to visit your particular group during one of these events. Please contact the OPCC via email and tell us more

If you would like the PCC or a member of the OPCC team to attend a particular event, then please email with the details including date, time and what you would like the PCC to speak about and a little about the group.   

Confirmation Required