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Community Days

We have embarked on a series of community days where the PCC and our engagement team tour towns across Dorset to meet the public and visit a number of projects. 

Dates and locations of our Community Days can be found in our events calendar.

Last year community days were in Weymouth, Poole and Bournemouth. During January and February the PCC and his engagement team have visited Dorchester and Townsend in Bournemouth. Here are a few highlights. 

BOSCOMBE - Thursday 14 May 2015

The PCC spoke with residents who raised issues including drug dealing, alcohol and anti-social behaviour in and around the town centre.  The engagement team spent the morning in the Sovereign Centre, surveying residents on policing and community safety.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive with residents agreeing that Dorset Police do a great job. 

The team were also on the lookout for residents who have lived in the Boscombe area for at least 10 years who would be willing to join a focus group to discuss community safety over that period – several residents have put themselves forward so far.

Whilst in Boscombe, Martyn went on a patrol with the CSAS team who provide a visible, uniformed presence in the shopping centre and surrounding areas.  They are able to confiscate alcohol, require a name and address from those committing anti-social behaviour and move on people who are begging illegally.  The team have worked with the local Safer Neighbourhood team to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area. 

TOWNSEND - Thursday 19th February 2015

As this event fell within half term the engagement team joined other partner agencies at the Townsend Community Centre to provide information to residents living in the North Bournemouth area on a range of services aimed at helping to reduce crime. Martyn Underhill visited the Jewell Academy during the day and spoke to staff about the schools' aspirations. 

The PCC later spent time with young people at the Townsend Youth Centre playing table tennis and talking to them about their, concerns that there were to be future cuts to youth services in the area.  The young people had conducted their own survey about what crimes concern them, which they presented to Martyn.

DORCHESTER - 30th January 2015

The OPCC staff ran a public engagement in the foyer of Tesco's in Dorchester during the day talking to shoppers from across the Dorchester area about what crimes most concern them and letting them know about the work of the OPCC .  The PCC was able to join them for a short time before attending and speaking at the Holocaust Memorial event held in The Corn Exchange.  Later he visited the Dorset Advocacy project at Poundbury to hear from staff and volunteers about the advocacy work they do in custody suites in Dorset.

BOURNEMOUTH - Wednesday 26 November 2014 

Our community day in Bournemouth started with a visit to Bournemouth Police Station where the PCC met police officers and staff. He visited the sexual assault referral centre (SARC) where he met the team and learnt more about their work. The space is designed to provide a comfortable private space for interviews, examinations and support with trained staff able to take care of victims of sexual violence.

Martyn also visited Hannah House, which provides accommodation for people who are homeless and have an alcohol dependency. He heard how over a period of up to two years with support, tenants would reduce their alcohol intake, and be reintegrated into society.

While the PCC was on his visits, our Engagement team met over 100 people at ASDA to learn their views on policing and crime in the county. Martyn also had a spell at the ASDA stall and summed his day up as "informative and exciting". 

POOLE - Wednesday 29 October 2014

The PCC did a bumper 12 hour engagement event in Poole which started with a visit to Poole Police Station where he met with the Paedophile On-line Investigation Team (POLIT). He then joined our Engagement Team and Victim Support in the Dolphin Centre to meet shoppers who were keen to share their experiences on policing and crime.

Following a surgery session, the PCC visited Poole Police Station to meet officers and staff along with the Quay Foyer and Quay Advice Centre. The Quay Foyer in Poole is run by the Raglan Housing Association and accommodates homeless young people between the ages of 16 -19. While the Quay Advice Centre provides a one stop shop for young people in Poole. All young people finding accommodation at the Foyer are referred to the centre for help with benefits, education, training and employment. 

Martyn then visited Routes To Roots which is a project supporting adult rough sleepers on the streets of Poole. He met with volunteers and people who had previously been rough sleepers but through the intervention of the Routes To Roots were now housed.  We ended the day with a public meeting which saw discussions on marine crime and online fraud.  

WEYMOUTH - Tuesday 15 September 2014 

We had a great day in Weymouth and a we would like to thank everyone for sharing their views on policing and community safety.

PCC Martyn Underhill started his day with a trip to Weymouth Police Station to meet officers and staff. He then toured drug and alcohol projects, meeting staff and volunteers at CADAS on Melcombe Avenue and EDP on Belle Vue Road. He said: “I am delighted to see these services up and running. The outcomes that CADAS and EDP are delivering are important for people in Weymouth. I thank them for the inspirational work they do in offering people in difficulty the prospect of hope, recovery and a bright future. These inspirational projects are assisting people in their recovery journey and are helping them to move forward.”

The PCC met shoppers at ASDA over lunch where the Engagement Team were hosting a stall. They collected over 60 responses to a crime survey.

After lunch, the Commissioner visited Westham Children’s Centre on Radipole Lane where he met parents and children from the Westham area who were attending a pirates party. Martyn said: “These services are making a real difference to many people’s lives and are helping to build a strong community spirit. I am pleased to see first hand this remarkable work and just how vital the support of staff and volunteers can be to local families”.

We closed the day with a public meeting and surgery at Weymouth Community Fire Station where residents and councillors raised their issues with the PCC on speeding, car crime and street drinking.


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