Your chance to speak directly to PCC Martyn Underhill one-to-one about policing or wider community safety issues.


Under the terms of the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has a statutory duty for obtaining the views of the community about matters concerning the policing of their local area. This also includes a specific duty for obtaining the views of victims of crime.

PCC Surgeries enable the elected PCC to meet Dorset residents face-to-face and in confidence to listen to their concerns and try to help resolve any problems or issues they might have regarding policing, crime or community safety issues. The PCC surgeries do not replace the existing statutory process for making complaints about Dorset Police and members of the public may be referred to these processes as part of their consultation where appropriate.

PCC Surgeries can also help to identify themes or trends in public opinion, which in turn can influence policing objectives or service delivery, commissioning and communications strategies, and gather opinion to inform future priorities and decisions.

How the Surgeries work

PCC Surgeries are held on a monthly basis at a variety of accessible venues around the county to meet the needs of local people and to give residents direct access to the PCC. Online surgeries will also be offered where circumstances allow. The PCC attends the Surgery with a Caseworker who helps to facilitate the meeting, takes notes and records any actions identified as a result.

Surgeries are by appointment only, to ensure that the issues being raised relate to policing, crime or community safety; to enable any background research to be carried out; and to ensure that the PCC is fully briefed on the issue prior to the meeting.

Issues suitable for a PCC Surgery

Issues that would be considered appropriate for a PCC Surgery may include:

· A personal concern regarding local policing;
· Concerns regarding national policing;
· Relate to particular individual’s treatment by the Police; or
· Relate to policing processes or procedures.

On occasion, the PCC may seek to proactively meet people where he becomes aware that they have expressed some concern or issue, even if this has not been raised directly with Dorset Police or the Office of the PCC (e.g. through a local media article or community group or forum).

Issues NOT for suitable for PCC Surgery

The PCC reserves the right to refuse an appointment if, for example, a case is the subject of a formal complaint under the Police Complaints Procedure or is the subject of legal proceedings. The PCC may also refuse an appointment if:

· The issue does not directly relate to policing, crime or community safety;
· The individual is seeking to appeal the outcome of a complaint to Dorset Police (separate procedures exist for this);
· It concerns a request for commissioning or direct funding;
· If the topic is a repeat or vexatious complaint as defined by the OPCC Complaints Policy & Procedure.


To find out more information or to book a PCC Surgery appointment please visit the Contact Us page of our website for the different ways of getting in touch.

For more information on the statutory police complaints process please visit the Dorset Police website or the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)


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