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Community Volunteers

Dorset PCC has recruited volunteers to support his work within their own community.

Community Volunteers

OPCC Community Volunteers can have a varied role dependent on the particular areas of the community they are interested in.  No part of the role is obligatory but can include:

  • To represent their area of the community, be that older people, younger people or minority groups
  • To share OPCC information with their community contacts (be that 2 people or 200)
  • To assist the PCC with community engagement events
  • To share opportunities for community contacts to complete OPCC consultations
  • To attend relevant local meetings and provide feedback to the PCC on policing issues, concerns or positive remarks made.
  • To play a committed and energetic role in supporting the achievement of the PCC's vision of making Dorset a better place for people to live, work and visit

This is not an exhaustive list, if you wish to represent any area of Dorset and are interested in what the Commissioner is trying to achieve to make Dorset a better place for people to live, work and visit, then this could be a voluntary role for you.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Volunteer to ensure that your own community has the opportunity to voice their opinions, concerns or comments on the service provided by Dorset Police, or have the opportunity to take part in consultations undertaken by the Commissioner, please contact the Volunteers Team on 01305 226870 or email Volunteers or click here for the Police Volunteer link.

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