FOI Disclosure Log

Please see below for our disclosure log of previous requests. If there is no link in the response box, please treat this as 'no information held,' query transferred to Dorset Police (or other relevant organisation) or information already available on our website.







31 Jul 18

Please send to me all records of information on United Kingdom general elections, United Kingdom local elections, United Kingdom mayoral elections, and United Kingdom referendums which allege electoral fraud (the staging of a desired election outcome), or referendum fraud (the staging of a desired referendum outcome), was legalised, or found to be legal and constitutionally permissible, and committed at any of the elections and referendums listed below.

Elections and referendums:

1. The May 5th, 2016, United Kingdom local elections and London mayoral election.
2. The June 23rd, 2016, United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.
3. The May 4th, 2017, United Kingdom local elections.
4. The June 8th, 2017, United Kingdom general election.
5. The May 3rd, 2018, United Kingdom local elections and mayoral elections.

[No information held.]

03 Aug 18  2018-026 
30 Jul 18

What estimates or analysis does the OPCC hold relating or referring to the impact of "county lines" drug supply operations in your force area? Please provide copies of any such estimates/ analysis or a summary of the key statistics and findings.

Please advise me on what other information your OPCC force holds relating or referring to "county lines" drugs supply operations.

[No information held - advised to make request to Dorset Police].

02 Aug 18  2018-025
11 Jul 18

To request a copy of your policing plan and/or information about your strategy and allocated budget and staff and other resources committed to the enforcement of the Hunting Act 2004.

[No information held - advised to make request to Dorset Police].

11 Jul 18 2018-024
06 Jul 18 

Please send to me information which alleges, or proves, that the U.S. Department of State and/or U.S. Department of Defense and/or any other entity committed electoral fraud at the June 8th, 2017, United Kingdom general election and/or the June 23rd, 2016, United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.

[No information held.]

03 Aug 18  2018-023 

22 Jun 18

What budget has your Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner set aside for the costs associated with commissioning Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) services? This might include staff costs, legal costs, cost of market engagement events etc. Please supply the answer as total budget for the financial year 2018/19.

19 Jul 18 2018-022

04 Jun 18

Can you confirm all donations to your campaign.since you stood.for election for your role as PCC.

I would specific details of any donations from any private companies including lush and any links you have with any private companies including directorship non executive directorship and any external paid consultancies.

[Informal 'business as usual' response sent referring the requestor to the information already published on our website].

04 Jun 18  2018-021

21 May 18

Please send to me any record of evidence which alleges the Conservative Party won an outright majority of MPs at the June 8th 2017 United Kingdom general election.

[No information held.]

03 Aug 18  2018-020 

15 May 18

Contract information relating to recycling and procurement of IT products and Data Eraser.

[Informal 'business as usual' response sent referring the requestor to the information already published on the Bluelight Procurement Database].

17 May 18 2018-019

03 May 18

Please send to me any record of information that shows the United States of America Department of Defense committed electoral fraud at any of the following elections and referenda:

June 23rd 2016 United Kingdom European Union membership referendum.

June 8th 2017 United Kingdom general election.

November 8th 2016 United States of America congressional and presidential election.

April 23rd 2017-May 7th 2017 French presidential election.

October 15th 2017 Austrian legislative election.

May 29th 2017 Irish Fine Gael leadership election.

March 4th 2018 Italian general election.

Also, please send to me any record of information that shows the United States of America Department of Defense plans to commit electoral fraud at the May 3rd 2018 United Kingdom local elections.

[No information held.]

03 Aug 18  2018-018
30 Apr 18 

Please send to me any record of evidence that shows electoral fraud will be committed at the May 3rd 2018, United Kingdom local elections.

[Information not held.]

30 Apr 18  2018-017 

27 Apr 18

Request a breakdown of the Colleges Data Centre IT hardware maintenance contracts/warranties and their associated costs - including models, contract costs and durations, names of suppliers and person(s) responsible for maintenance support contracts.

[No information held - advised to make request to Dorset Police].

30 Apr 18 2018-016

23 Apr 18

All of the reports/complaints/arrests made against SIA license holders, filed since January 2014 till the present day.

[No information held - advised to make request to Dorset Police].

24 Apr 18 2018-015


Details of register of land or premises owned by, or occupied by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the functions of their Force, for the financial year 2017/18.

[Informal 'business as usual' response sent referring the requestor to the information already published on our website].

12-Apr-18 2018-014

All submissions made to the West Midlands PCC for their consultation on drugs policy; any reports produced or commissioned within the last 12 months concerning the policing of drugs offences.

20-Apr-18 2018-013

Details for 2017-18 outsourced courier contracts and details of any costs, staffing and management of in-house courier services. 

[No information held - permission sought to refer request to Dorset Police].

27 Mar 18  2018-012

The actual attendance figures presented to Dorset Police for various AFC Bournemouth football matches during the 2017/18 season. 

[No information held - advised to make request to Dorset Police].

 N/A 2018-011

How many times Dorset Police have used Section 61 powers to move on travellers from unauthorised camps in the last five years; and if not used, why not? 

[No information held - advised to make request to Dorset Police]

N/A 2018-010

Breakdown of charges for 2017/18 and 2018/19. Including charges for the PCC office staff, expenses and facilities.  

21-Mar-18 2018-009

Policy relating to individuals found not guilty of child sexual offences who later confess; policy relating to safeguarding and their risk to children etc. 

[No information held - transferred to Dorset Police]  

N/A 2018-008

What software your organisations use to handle press releases and media enquiries. 

[No information held - transferred to Dorset Police]  

N/A  2018-007

Information relating to any Force financial support for Key Forensic Services to prevent administration; the amount contributed and budget it was allocated from; how many open cases KFS were processing and the crime types these related to.

[No information held - transferred to Dorset Police]  

N/A 2018-006

Between 2010 and 2017, by rank, the numbers of officers suspended from duty; placed on restricted duties pending disciplinary action; taken to a misconduct hearing (and their outcome); the outcome of any case where officers were suspended or placed on restricted duties but did not face a misconduct hearing.

[No information held - transferred to Dorset Police]

N/A 2018-005

Information relating to any organisational Facebook, Twitter and Google G-Suite services accounts; advertising and expenditure on those services; any official policy for the use of organisational Facebook or Twitter accounts.

09-Mar-18  2018-004 

Please send me all of the information you or your organisation hold that pertains to, or implicates, any Freemason to any alleged crime, or crime. 


 In the financial years 15/16, 16/17 and 17/18:

a. How many grants were awarded to organisations in which at least one of the outcomes was to provided services to victims of stalking?

b. What was the total monetary value of these grants?

c. Which organisations were awarded?





Number of flytipping incidents reported to Dorset Police in 2017.  Number of prosecutions carried out in 2017.

[No information held - transferred to Dorset Police]

 N/A 2018-001



Date Received  Summary  Response Date  Response 

The name of the company currently supplying energy to your premises, for electricity and gas.  The name of the tariff that the electricity and gas are supplied by and the annual energy bill cost for the past finanical year. 

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

N/A 2017-034

Total number of domestic abuse allegations made to force, which were investigated and which were referred to the CPS.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

N/A 2017-033

Any information eg names, documentation, evidence, photographs etc regarding Operation Countryman, what led to the investigation and what the consequences of the investigation were. 

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.] 

N/A 2017-032

Details of any private company used by the Force for public relations, social media, external and internal stakeholder communications; contract lengths and expiry, options and expected retendering dates.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-031

The daily rate paid to the Legally Qualified Chair of the misconduct panel; details of any other fees paid to the LQC related to misconduct hearings; daily rate paid to supporting members; any other fees paid in relation to their work on misconduct panels; details of any expenses claimed by officers subject to claims; full details of all expenses claimed in relation to misconduct hearings, investigations, preparation and reports for the last 12 months; how many misconduct hearings heard in the last 12 months and how long they lasted for.

15-Nov-17 2017-030

Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 - dogs seized, exempted, released or destroyed in the most recent full year where records are held; of the dogs destroyed how many were disclaimed; how many were put on the Interim Exemption Scheme; kennel costs involved; any litters of puppies destroyed.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-029

If any cause for investigation into a specific establishment in Bournemouth being target by people who may be a danger to children.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-028

Over the last three years - how many sexual harassment complaints have been made by staff? How many were made against senior officers and what were the claims? How many were upheld and what were the sanctions? How many complaints were dismissed? What training does the force offer to reduce sexual harassment complaints?

15-Nov-17 2017-027

Hate crime statistics for Bournemouth over the last 5 years showing increases or decreases.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-026 

IT operations and service functions - solutions used; amount spent on them; service providers; contract expiry; and who decides which solution to use.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-025

Requesting documents and minutes from the Bestival Safety Group meeting and any follow up documents showing any advisories or recommendations were actually carried out.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-024

Subject Access Requests received, processed or rejected in 2014, 2015 and 2016; the average cost of processing; the amount charged to process SAR's.

[Clarification sought. No response received. Request withdrawn 5 October 2017]

21-Sep-17 2017-023

Requesting a breakdown of how the £2 million of grants secured towards victim's services in 2013 was allocated.


Police officer sick leave on the grounds of psychological issues. 

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-021

Use of helicopter, drones and unmarked police cars in Dorset and the Bearwood area from 2015-2017; complaints or concerns to the police about the Bearwood area; information about phone hacking in the Bearwood area.

 [No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A  2017-020

PCC spend on victim's services and sexual violence/domestic violence for the years 2009/10 to 2016/17; details of the types of sexual violence/domestic violence programmes funded.

[Request withdrawn]


Total supplier spend by invoice expenditure for November 2016 to present.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

 N/A 2017-018

Approach used by Dorset Police to manage the delivery of national driver offender retraining courses and local road safety courses.

 [No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A   2017-017

The number of workplace bullying incidents lodged against the PCC and the total number made in the office, covering the incumbent PCC's term of office.  

 2-Aug-17 2017-016

List of groups who support victims of rape and sexual assault supported by the PCC in the last 5 years, including amounts of money provided; if the PCC has given consideration to any waiting lists for rape or sexual violence support and how these can be mitigated against?

 2-Aug-17 2017-015

 Request for personal information held relating to arrest records.

[No information held - referred to Dorset Police as a Subject Access Request.]

19-Jun-17 2017-014

Training provided to 999 call handlers and whether this includes first aid training.

 [No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

08-Jun-17  2017-013

Detailed procurement request regarding framework agreements and contracts, including successful and unsuccesful suppliers, contract values and lengths, extensions etc.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

01-Jun-17 2017-012

How much the Chief Executive is paid and when they started work in the OPCC; payment made to the previous Chief Executive when they left; how many OPCC staff have been made redundant, dismissed or taken voluntary exit or early retirement since April 2016; the total amount given to them in voluntary exit payments, redundancy pay, severance payments, lump sums, payments in lieu of notice, compensation awards and pension payments; what was the single highest payment?

27-Jul-17  2017-011

The total amount earmarked from the PCC's budget (and the Force's if applicable) for 2017/18 to pay for PFI and/or PFI2 projects/schemes/liabilities?

Which individual schemes these are and how much each cost in 2017/18?

The total amounts for 2016/17 and 2015/16?

06-Apr-17  2017-010

Crime statistics for Bournemouth, for 2015 and 2016, for alcohol related arrests, total arrests, and alcohol related arrests made between 21:00 and 03:00 on a Friday/Saturday night.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

 N/A 2017-009

Does your police service flag and tag serial domestic violence/abuse offenders? If so, how many serial DV perpetrators were flagged by your force between 2015-2016?

Does your police service proactively problem solve and target serial domestic violence perpetrators? If so, how many were arrested and charged with an offence between 2015-2016?

Please provide the information for both serial domestic abusers and serial stalkers.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

N/A 2017-008

Contract information and related details concerning photocopiers, multi-functional devices and desktop printers.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police.]

 N/A 2017-007
22-Feb-17 Information regarding commissioned services for survivors of domestic violence and abuse, including services for men and women, BME, disabled and LGBTQ women, contract values and commissioning processes. 05.04.17  2017-006

Rationale for moving the Police Central Garage from Ferndown to Weymouth and the costs to the taxpayer, given the assumption that the vast majority of the Dorset population live in Bournemouth/Poole and that is where most crime is likely to be committed.

26.06.17  2017-005
31-Jan-17 Request for a copy of the OPCC response to the College of Policing's consultation on the Police Education and Qualifications Framework (PEQF). 01-02-17 2017-004
19-Jan-17  Request for a copy of the OPCC response to the College of Policing's consultation on the Police Education and Qualifications Framework (PEQF).    01-02-17 2017-003 

Number of complaints about police officers and police staff illegally accessing the Police National Computer (PNC); the purposes for access (where known); and the outcomes of the complaints. For the calendar years 2014, 2015 and 2016. Response to include the number of these complaints received by the OPCC. 

[Request also received by Dorset Police - Force response attached.]






Finance and IT related request concerning BACS payment and Direct Debit collection software.  

[No information held. Request also received by Dorset Police who are handling.]

 N/A  2017-001


Date Received   Summary  Response  Date  Response

Number of crimes, including break-ins, thefts and car vandalism, in the Redhill/Northbourne area of Bournemouth for the last 3 years.  

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police, who referred requestor to the Police.UK website]

30-Nov-16 2016-039

Reports of street harassment or 'cat calling' in the last few years.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

23-Nov-16  2016-038

What work is the Office for the PCC undertaking to monitor the implementation and uptake of the Community Remedy? Are there currently any plans to revise your Community Remedy document? How have you publicised the Community Remedy to the general public?

16-Nov-16 2016-037

The amount an officer of Dorset Police Force receives on reaching 20 years service? Lincolnshire Police give their officers £50 in retail vouchers.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

N/A  2016-036

Expenditure on software for 2014/15 and 2015/16 broken down by supplier; details of software contracts due to expire by 31 December 2017 broken down by supplier and date; expenditure on perpetual software licences for 2014/15 and 2015/16 broken down by supplier. 

[No information held. Identical request also received by Dorset Police who are dealing. No further action for the Dorset OPCC regarding this request.]

N/A 2016-035

Latest price paid per ream of standard white copier paper; if this is not representative then the average price paid in 2015/16; and how many reams were purchased in 2015/16?

[No information held. Identical request also received by Dorset Police who are dealing. No further action for the Dorset OPCC regarding this request.]

N/A 2016-034

Information on how to obtain a licence for growing cannabis; What department issues licence's for the cultivation of cannabis; how many licenses issued between 2000 and 2016; who to and if for medical or research purposes?

[No information held. Identical request also received by Dorset Police who are dealing. No further action for the Dorset OPCC regarding this request.]

N/A 2016-033

Transparency arrangements required of the police or planned; including transparency arrangements for the pay, allowances and expenses for the chief constable and other senior officers. 

05-Sep-16 2016-032

Chief Constable's salary and expenses for 2015/16 and number of days holiday taken.

05-Sep-16  2016-031

Whether the Chief Constable and chief officers have a contract with the PCC and the contractual matters included; broad terms and conditions (eg payments and inducements); any payments, reimbursements or allowances paid or made to chief officers other than those explicitly permitted in police regulations. 

05-Sep-16  2016-030 

How much the PCC has spent on crime and disorder reduction grants in the last three years and the organisations they went to; how much has been spent on crime prevention in the last three years and the organisations the money went to.

[Informal 'business as usual' response sent referring the requestor to the grants and funding information already published on our website. No further contact received.]

06-Sep-16  2016-029

The organisational charts/structure of the departments in your force that deal with the various types of investigations and the annual budget for these various divisions/units. 

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

28-Jul-16  2016-028 

Costs of the police vehicle markings in support of the of the 2016 Bourne Free pride festival. 

28-Jul-16  2016-027 

Costs of the police vehicle markings in support of the of the 2016 Bourne Free pride festival. 

28-Jul-16 2016-026

Request for reports of Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) between 1990 and 2016 and associated details and police action taken.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

28-Jun-16 2016-025

The 2014/15 and 2015/16 financial position of Dorset Police; Levels of surfeit or defecit; Gross assets and liabilities of the Force. 

19-May-16  2016-024

PFI contracts - postal address and HM Treasury ID number for each individual PFI scheme; Details of any financial penalties for poor performance for each individual PFI scheme. 

10-Aug-16  2016-023

Infrastructure-related and non-infrastructure-related metal theft statistics per year 2005 to 2016.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

04-May-16 2016-022

The number of bicycles, motorbikes and cars stolen and the percentage of those returned to their owners; How many burglaries have been committed in a year and how much property gets returned; How much property the police destroy because they can't identify the owner.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police] 

11-Apr-16 2016-021

How much money the Dorset PCC has spent on The Ascension Trust and/or street pastors for each financial year from 2012/13

13-Apr-16  2016-020

 Information relating to a speed camera on the A351 Sandford Road.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

01-Apr-16 2016-019

Information relating to a business case or study for a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner in Dorset. 

04-Apr-16  2016-018

Data relating to the impact on crime and road traffic collisions of turning off street lighting, particularly the Littlemoor area of Weymouth in comparison with other areas. 

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

10-Mar-16 2016-017 

Who the Financial Manager is? Who the Estates/Property Manager is? Identity of any agents used to manage the estate/assets.

[No information held - request transferred to Dorset Police]

10-Mar-16 2016-016 
09-Mar-16 Clarification over how the portion of Ministry of Justice funding for specialist sexual abuse services will be used in our geographical area.    2016-015 
04-Mar-16 Amount paid by the OPCC on parking fines to company vehicles since the creation of PCCs. 08-Mar-16 2016-014
22-Feb-16 The level of precept increase (%) for the last three years. 01-Mar-16 2016-013
19-Feb-16 Number of police officers working on the operational frontline, and how many were on the operational frontline on 1 January 2012; Number of police stations closed since the PCC took office; How often Home Office ministers have made official visits to the PCC in their official capacity - specifically who the minister was, date and purpose of the visit. 01-Mar-16  2016-012

For the last 5 years (financial or calendar) - the top 5 barristers chambers to which the most sets of instructions have been sent; total number of the sets of instructions sent to each of them; the total amount of money (excluding VAT) paid to them; the smallest and largest hourly rate charged by junior counsel and leading counsel for each of those chambers; any written policy in relation to the instruction of counsel.

NB: Request withdrawn - no response issued (initial review also suggested this was likely to exceed costs in retrieving the information.)

 N/A 2016-011
11-Feb-16 Policing costs for the badger cull in Dorset in 2015. 15-Feb-16 2016-010
11-Feb-16 Number of people taken to hospital in police cars in the last year; total time spent by police officers and PCSOs in A&E in the last year; number of people with known mental health issues detained in custody overnight in the last year; Number of hours of police time spent on matters relating to the floods in December 2015 and January 2016. [No information held] 15-Feb-16 2016-009
09-Feb-16 Information on OPCC spend since 2013 on temporary staff; hospitality; redecoration or refurbishment of office space; travel expenses (mileage, taxi, train, air etc claims); maintenance of disused buildings. 20-May-16  2016-008
04-Feb-16 Information relating to grants awarded to provide services to victims of stalking in 2013/14, 2014/15 and 2015-present. 01-Apr-16  2016-007
03-Feb-16 Contract information for victim support services, including start and end dates, contract values and names of providers. 18-Feb-16  2016-006
28-Jan-16 Road safety vans: which way the cameras are designed to read number plates; camera range; where vans are allowed to operate. [No information held] 3-Feb-16 2016-005 
28-Jan-16 Details of any any software used to monitor or process FOI requests, the provider and costs; Details of any software used to manage organisational assets, the provider and costs. 10-Feb-16  2016-004

Estimates of real-term reductions in Home Office funding 2016/17 to 2019/20; estimates of real term reductions in spending over the same periods; projections on impact of any proposed reductions in police grant formula and planned workforce reductions; Estimates of costs of the apprenticeship levy and the single tier pension; Spend on obtaining ACORN 5 data from CACI Ltd since 14 July 2015; costs of engaging in the Home Office consultation on the police funding formula review.

[NB: This request was sent to both Dorset Police and the OPCC. Response issued under the Dorset Police reference 2016-132.]




13-Jan-16 PCC appointment diary and annual leave between 1 July 2015 and 31 December 2015. 10-Feb-16  2016-002
11-Jan-16 Data on funding allocated by the PCC to activities related to human trafficking and modern slavery since 2012; Police and Crime Plan references to human trafficking and/or modern slavery. 5-Feb-16 2016-001 



Date Received   Summary  Response  Date  Response
11-Dec-15 Regarding recorded incidents of breast ironing between 2010 and 2015, associated convictions and views on available guidance etc. [No information held] 15-Jan-16 2015-032
7-Dec-15 Allocation of the community safety fund for 2013/14 and 2014/15 by recipient. 16-Dec-15 2015-031
3-Dec-15 The number of recorded complaints from offenders complaining that they are unable to take a Driver Awareness Course outside Dorset for 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015, and the number referred to Dorset Police. 11-Dec-15 2015-030
22-Nov-15 Number of commercial and domestic garage break-ins reported between 2013 and 2015. [No information held] 23-Nov-15 2015-029
21-Nov-15 Point spatial locations of all mobile speed camera sites listed on the Dorset Police website. [No information held] 23-Nov-15 2015-028
18-Nov-15 Information relating to the Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) / Finance system used by the Force. 24-Nov-15  2015-027
11-Nov-15 Total number of hours per annum for 2013-15 of police officers supporting investigations and prosecutions under the Animal Welfare Act. [No information held] 17-Nov-15 2015-026
29-Sep-15 OPCC staffing and salary costs, and secondments from Dorset Police. 23-Oct-15 2015-025
16-Sep-15 The number of times Dorset Police have reported flooding, blocked drains or the presence of ice on the A352/365 to Dorset County Council in the 2014/15 financial year. [No information held] 17-Sep-15  2015-024

Information relating to police officers and retirement courses. [No information held]

26-Aug-15 2015-023
24-Aug-15 Seeking a copy of the PCC's response to the College of Policing's interim leadership review consultation. 25-Sep-15  2015-022
10-Aug-15 Joint request to Dorset Police and the OPCC on payments made to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and its subsidiaries. [Dorset Police to issue a joint response] 11-Aug-15 2015-021
29-Jul-15 Requesting Dorset Police policies and information relating to equality and diversity, crime recording and hate crime (including religious hate crime and islamaphobia). [No information held] 29-Jul-15 2015-020
3-Jul-15 Information relating to the numbers and roles of Special Constables. [No information held] 3-Jul-15  2015-019
3-Jul-15 Contracts awarded through the commissioning of sexual violence/abuse services or sexual violence/abuse related services in 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. 31-Jul-15   2015-018
10-Jun-15 Requirements for contractors to pay the living wage. [Not FOI. Dorset Police responded as 'Business as Usual' (BAU)] 11-Jun-15  2015-017
26-May-15  Information on the speed camera on A338 Wessex Way, Bournemouth. [No information held] 26-May-15  2015-016
8-May-15 Whether the PCC, or any employee of the OPCC, has been charged with a criminal offence since 1 January 2014. 15-May-15  2015-015
23-Apr-15  Foreign trips undertaken by the PCC. 18-May-15  2015-014
1-Apr-15  Processing of Disclosure and Barring Requests. [No information held] 10-Apr-15  2015-013
26-Mar-15  Details of any FOI requests received that were deemed to be vexatious. 30-Mar-15  2015-012
14-Mar-15  The number of recorded incidents involving crossbows over the last 10 years. [No information held]  17-Mar-15  2015-011 
14-Mar-15 Various enquiries relating to: the number of Muslim police officers; the handling and investigation of police complaints; and the police use of force (including Taser and PAVA spray). [No information held] 17-Mar-15  2015-010
16-Mar-15  PCC correspondence with the Home Office since 1 October 2014 relating to police funding cuts.    15-Apr-15  2015-009
12-Mar-15  Outsourcing of police custody and detention services.   1-Apr-15   2015-008 
11-Mar-15  The number of reported UFO sightings to Dorset Police since 2010. [No information held]  11-Mar-15  2015-007
8-Mar-15  Driver Awareness Courses: Query relating to the local dissemination of Counsel's advice received by ACPO in 2010 on the legality of offering speed awareness courses for payment. [No information held]  10-Mar-15  2015-006 
17-Feb-15 Queries relating to Police Injury on Duty Pension banding calculations. [No information held]  17-Feb-15  2015-005 
12-Feb-15 Shed break-in statistics. [No information held]  12-Feb-15  2015-004
22-Jan-15 Background information informing the PCCs decision to agree to the development of a Regional ICT Strategy.  25-Feb-15  2015-003 
15-Jan-15 Details of all road traffic collisions on the B3092 between Gillingham and the Wiltshire border (towards Mere) for the last three years. [No information held]  16-Jan-15  2015-002 

Request for specific details on some items of expenditure exceeding £500, as published on the OPCC website. [No information held]

  6-Jan-15  2015-001



 Date  Received  Summary  Response  Date  Response
 22-Dec-14  Request for personal information - not a valid FOI request.  N/A  2014-028
 10-Dec-14  Figures relating to the recent gun amnesty and types of weapon surrendered.   11-Dec-14  2014-027
 22-Sep-14  Public events hosted by the PCC/OPCC in 2013 and 2014, locations and attendance.   21-Oct-14  2014-026
 12-Sep-14  Remuneration of employees in excess of £100,000 in 2013/14.   15-Sep-14  2014-025
 04-Sep-14  How much is paid towards the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and its subsidiaries.   15-Sep-14  2014-024
 16-Jul-14  Number of people in Dorset to have died as the result of domestic violence in the last 3 years.  08-Aug-14  2014-023
 05-Aug-14  OPCC spend on promotional items.   05-Sep-14  2014-022
 09-Jul-14  OPCC spend on social media, consultants and company cars.   15-Jul-14  2014-021
 15-Jun-14  Regarding an issue relating to the Wimborne Folk Festival.    20-Jun-14  2014-020
 08-Jun-14  Police officer complaints, misconduct and disciplinary information.   13-Jun-14  2014-019
 11-Jun-14  OPCC costs for 2012/13 and 2013/14.   13-Jun-14  2014-018
 08-Jun-14  Organisational use of telephone conference call services and use of online web meeting tools.   13-Jun-14  2014-017
 11-Apr-14  Copied into request to Dorset Police regarding return of photographs from seized property.   N/A  2014-016
 09-May-14  Information relating to cases referred to Action Fraud and subsequent investigations.   12-May-14  2014-015
 24-Apr-14  Expenditure on transport costs for the PCC and any deputies; Amount claimed or awarded for housing or hotel costs for the PCC and any deputies.   08-May-14   2014-014
 09-Apr-14  Police and Crime Panel representation on Health and Wellbeing Boards and Clinical Commissioning Groups; Force spending and allocations for drug  intervention projects.   16-Apr-14  2014-013
 04-Apr-14  OPCC office costs and comparisons with Police Authority costs.   16-Apr-14  2014-012
 20-Mar-14  Amount spent by the OPCC on promotional materials.  28-Mar-14  2014-011
 18-Mar-14  Whether Dorset Police has at any time entered into a similar agreement to that between Virgin and the Metropolitan Police whereby compensation recovered  following private prosecutions in which the Force provided evidence or were  otherwise involved was to be shared.   24-Mar-14  2014-010
 18-Mar-14  OPCC staff numbers and salary costs for 2012, 2013 and 2014.   01-Apr-14  2014-009
 22-Feb-14  Adult homicides each year between 2009 and 2013; victim gender; their  relationship with perpetrator; cause of death as strangulation; and referral to  MARACs   25-Feb-14  2014-008
 20-Feb-14  Request for full Capital Programme for 2014/15.   24-Feb-14  2014-007
 16-Feb-14  Victims of strangulation and referrals to MARAC -  1 August 2013 to 31  January 2014.   18-Feb-14  2014-006
 13-Feb-14  Number of police volunteers, hours worked, roles and responsibilities, total cost to Force and future plans to increase.   01-Apr-14  2014-005
 29-Jan-14  Dorset Police and local authority expenditure on Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) for the last 7 years.   05-Apr-14  2014-004
10-Jan-14  PCC expenses between November 2012 and November 2013.   15-Jan-14  2014-003
 05-Jan-14  Mobile speed enforcement vehicle costs and related operational costs.   10-Jan-14  2014-002
 02-Jan-14  Badger cull related costs.   10-Jan-14  2014-001



Date Received Summary Response Date  Response
 03-Dec-14  Bonus payments to Police Authority staff; Chief Officer allowances and vehicle schemes.  18-Dec-13  2013-034
 28-Nov-13  Complaints to Police and Crime Panel about PCC.   04-Dec-13  2013-033
 26-Nov-13  Police Staff employees and criminal convictions.   17-Feb-14  2013-032
 21-Nov-13  PCC expenses.   21-Nov-13  2013-031
 11-Nov-13  MOU between PCC and prison service.   15-Nov-13  2013-030
 02-Nov-13   Items stolen from the OPCC.   08-Nov-13  2013-029
 24-Oct-13  Details of Force vehicle fleet.   25-Oct-13  2013-028
 24-Oct-13  Request for meeting notes between PCC and Force relating to issues concerning the requestor and their family.   19-Nov-13  2013-027
 07-Oct-13  Community Safety Fund allocations to drug and alcohol services; Health and Wellbeing Board engagement; and future commissioning mechanisms.   18-Oct-13  2013-026
 30-Sep-13  Challenge to a response received in relation to a previous request concerning female genital mutilation.   03-Oct-13  2013-025
 03-Oct-13  How the OPCC is meeting the transparency requirements specified within appropriate legislation.   24-Oct-13  2013-024
 08-Sep-13  Force expenditure on artwork over the last 5 years.   10-Sep-13  2013-023
 21-Aug-13  OPCC and Police Authority payments towards ACPO, CPOSA, ACRO, PNICC,  NDORS etc.   27-Aug-13  2013-022
 29-Jul-13  Payments to trade unions, staff time spent on union activities and union subscription salary deduction facilities.   06-Aug-13  2013-021
 29-Jul-13  Road death investigation; Life threatening/changing injury collision investigation; Homicide.   02-Aug-13  2013-020
 23-Jul-13  Former police authority staff redundancies and payments.   25-Jul-13  2013-019
 03-Jul-13  PCC/staff expenses; Credit card transactions; Accommodation costs; OPCC payments.   09-Aug-13  2013-018
 02-Jul-13  Budget / funding for gangs and youth violence; Riot Damages Act claims.   25-Jul-13  2013-017
 04-Jun-13  PCC vehicle provision.   04-Jun-13  2013-016
 03-Jun-13   Payments made to Chief Police Officers.   N/A  2013-015
 31-May-13  Training and related costs for the PCC and OPCC staff.   25-Jun-13  2013-014
 17-May-13  Photography, signage and associated costs relating to the PCC and OPCC.    10-Jun-13  2013-013
 15-May-13  PCC decisions made since January 2013.   29-May-13  2013-012
 10-May-13  OPCC use of consultants and associated details.    10-Jun-13  2013-011
 01-May-13  PCC mileage claims, use of taxi's and vehicle provision.     29-May-13  2013-010
 19-Apr-13  PCC staff costs and related issues.   20-May-13  2013-009
 19-Apr-13  PCC office costs.   20-May-13  2013-008
 09-Apr-13  Information relating to PCC staff appointments.   07-May-13  2013-007
 09-Apr-13  The costs and tendering processes associated with the PCC Dorset website.     07-May-13  2013-006
 26-Mar-13  Staff appointments made by PCC and any personal relationships prior to appointment.   22-Apr-13  2013-005
 12-Mar-13  South West Regional PCC Meeting minutes and papers.   19-Apr-13  2013-004 ii
  28-Mar-13  2013-004 i
 12-Mar-13  PCC meetings and correspondence with the founder of Lush plc.   10-Apr-13  2013-003
 12-Feb-13  OPCC staff and office costs.   13-Mar-13  2013-002
 03-Jan-13  The number of enquiries received by the former Police Authority from the public between 1 December 2011 and 31 January 2012.  14-Jan-13  2013-001



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