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How we make Decisions

This page explains our decision making processes and how we keep a record of our decisions. It also includes information on some our engagement and consultation activity with local people.

Schedule of meetings open to the public

The Events Calendar provides information on all of our public meetings, community days and opportunities for Dorset residents, businesses and victims of crime to raise issues with the PCC face-to-face.  

To view information in relation to closed meetings being attended by the PCC, view our team diary.  This contains information about upcoming meetings in the next week. 

For more specific information, please visit the Get Involved section of the website for further details on the following:

  • Reporting concerns
  • Community days
  • Public meetings
  • Surgeries
  • Consultations
  • Conferences
  • Recruitment
  • Engaging communities

This section will include meeting agendas, minutes, and other background papers and reports as appropriate.

Records of important decisions

We maintain a Decision Log, reviewed and updated regularly, providing details of all decisions made by the PCC. 

Decision Log 2022 - July - Sept 2022

Decision Log 2022 - April - June 2022

Decision Log 2021 - January - March 2022

Decision Log 2021 - October - December 2021

Decision Log 2021 - July - September 2021 

Decision Log 2021 - April - June 2021

Decision Log 2021 - January - March 2021

Decision Log 2020 - October - December 2020

Decision Log 2020 - July - September 2020

Decision Log 2020 - April to June 2020

Decision Log 2020 - January to March 2020

Decision Log 2019 - October to December 2019

Decision Log 2019 - July to September 2019

Decision Log 2019 - April to June 2019  

Decision Log 2019 - January to March 2019 

Decision Log 2018 - October to December 2018 

Decision Log 2018 - July to September 2018

Decision Log 2018 - April to June 2018

Decision Log 2018 - January to March 2018

Decision Log 2017

Decision Log 2016

Decision Log 2015

Decision Log 2014

Decision Log 2013

Decision Log 2012

The Decision Log will be regularly updated to capture details of decisions as soon as is practicable after they have been taken. The Log will also include links to any background or supporting material used to inform those decisions, where available.

Public consultations

A key responsibility for the PCC and OPCC is to engage with the public, understand their issues and concerns, and to seek their views to help inform our work and the Police and Crime Plan priorities.

Details relating to specific public consultation exercises can be found on our Consultations page.

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