Bournemouth CSP Street Drinking and Vagrancy Report

Relevant correspondence and documents following the PCC's call for a report from the Bournemouth Community Safety Partnership (CSP) into the issue of street drinking and vagrancy:


1. PCC Call for Report letter (25 March 2014)

2. Bournemouth CSP Response covering letter (25 June 2014)

3. Bournemouth CSP Report into Rough Sleeping, Vagrancy & Associated Anti-Social Behaviour in Bournemouth (2 June 2014)

4. St Pauls Nightshelter - Environmental Impact Needs Assessment (EINA)

5. Bournemouth Borough Council's Reconnections Policy (March 2013)

6. Enforcement, Prevention, Intelligence and Communication (EPIC) Action Plan (19 June 2014)

7. PCC Response to the Bournemouth CSP Report (18 July 2014)



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