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Dorset Police Road Safety Investigation Report


This review was initiated by a public complaint in 2012 and the subsequent requirement of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) for the matter to be investigated. This process was overseen by Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill and Hampshire Police were appointed to conduct this investigation.

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Investigation Report Documents

Covering Letter & Contents

1 - Investigating Officers Report (April 2014) & Supplementary Report (July 2014)

2 - Letters and documents supplied by the Complainant (referred to in Item 4)

3 - Minutes of meeting between Complainant and Investigating Officers on 16 May 2013

4 - Statement from Complainant detailing complaint and terms of reference

5 - Covering letter from Chief Constable Simpson (Dorset Police) and overview of Dorset report, producing Appendices 1-8

6 - Appendix 1 Dorset Road Safe Operational Business Case for 2013/14

7 - Appendix 2 Dorset Road Safe - National Intelligence Model (NIM) compliant-based enforcement

8 - Appendix 3 Dorset Killed or Serious Injury (KSI) collisions and casualties data 2002 to 2012

9 - Appendix 4 public statements made by Dorset Police with regards to Driver Awareness Course

10 - Appendix 5 Dorset Driver Awareness Scheme overview

11 - Appendix 6 Research completed by Dr Fylan (Brainbox Research) to compare Dorset Driver Awareness Course against the national course

12 - Appendix 7 Lesson plans for the Dorset Driver Awareness Scheme

13 - Appendix 8 Details of Driver Awareness Scheme course numbers of attendees and income

14 - Details of national cost of driver awareness schemes by police force area

15 - Dorset Police and PCC Road Safety Audit Report - Deployment of Mobile Speed Cameras 2013/14

16 - Report detailing investigation into complaint re siting of four camera locations in Weymouth

17 - PA Consulting Group National Safety Camera Programme Four Year Evaluation Report (December 2005)

18 - Record of receipts and costs of Fixed Penalty Notices under the Hypothecation Scheme for Dorset Police (annual returns submitted to the Audit Commission)

19 - Department of Transport Handbook of Rules and Guidance for the National Safety Camera Programme for England and Wales for 2006/07

20 - Department for Transport research paper (11 February 2003) evaluation of cost recovery systems for speed and red light cameras

21 - Breakdown of annual income/expenditure of the Dorset Driver Awareness Course 2006 to 2013

22 - Summary of findings relating to siting of cameras at Holes Bay site

23 - Location plan and casualty statistics at Holes Bay site

24 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to the siting of cameras at the Holes Bay site

25 - Report from Inspector Browning (Dorset Police) detailing community concerns relating to the Holes Bay site

26 - Investigation Terms of Reference set by the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner

27 - National Driver Offender Retraining Schemes (NDORS) National Speed Awareness Course ACPO Guidance Notes

28 - Department for Transport Circular 2007 guidance on deployment of cameras for traffic enforcement

29 - National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) briefing (12 December 2007)

30 - Dorset Police Driver Awareness Scheme information on the Dorset Police website

31 - RAC Foundation Report (November 2010) "The Effectiveness of Speed Cameras" by Richard Allsop

32 - House of Commons Standard Note (15 April 2013) Business Transport report outlining legislation for speed cameras, types, funding and efficacy

33 - Department for Transport report (2006) on effective interventions for speed

34 - Executive Summary of World Health Organisation global status report on road safety (2013)

35 - Government road safety campaign THINK! Road Safety web page detailing how speed affects road safety


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