HMIC Inspection Reports

Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire Rescue Service (HMICFRS) has developed the PEEL (police efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy programme to evaluate police force performance in England and Wales, which assesses how well each force

  • provides value for money (efficiency)
  • cuts crime (effectiveness)
  • provides a service that is fair and treats people properly (legitimacy)

Each of these themes is assessed annually and given one of four ratings:

  1. Outstanding
  2. Good
  3. Requires improvement, or 
  4. Inadequate

The aim of PEEL inspections is to allow the public to see clearly how their local force performs. 

HMICFRS publishes the results of these assessments in a user-friendly format, making it easy for the public to enquire about their own force.  

Click here to view access the HMICFRS page specific to Dorset Police.  


Links to all relevant HMIC inspection reports published since the PCC took office, along with formal responses to the Home Secretary where appropriate:



PEEL Police Efficiency 2016

Dorset Police report                 Force News Article

National Overview 

'Time to Listen' - a joined up response to child sexual exploitation and missing children (September 2016)

HMIC report

Dorset - Joint Inspection of police custody (September 2016)

HMIC/HMIP report                   PCC News Article

Tri-Service review of the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (April 2016)

HMIC report

Missing Children: Who cares? The police response to missing and absent children (March 2016)

HMIC report                             PCC News Article


State of Policing: The Annual Assessment of Policing in England and Wales 2015

PCC News Article

- PEEL police effectiveness - Dorset Police (February 2016)

HMIC report                            Force News Article

- PEEL legitimacy - Dorset Police (February 2016)

HMIC report                            Force News Article

- PEEL effectiveness 2015 (Vulnerability) - Dorset Police (December 2015)

HMIC report 

- PEEL efficiency 2015 (October 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC News Article 

Increasingly everyone's business: A progress report on the police response to domestic abuse (December 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC response

The depths of dishonour: Hidden voices and shameful crimes - An inspection of the police response to honour based violence, forced marriage and female genital mutilation (December 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC response 

Regional Organised Crime Units (December 2015)

HMIC report

Dorset - 2015 Value for money profile (November 2015)

HMIC Dorset VFM Profile 2015                                                               Report to the Joint Independent Audit Committee

Witness for the prosecution: Identifying victim and witness vulnerability in criminal case files – Dorset Police (November 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC response

Targeting the Risk: An inspection of the efficiency and effectiveness of firearms licensing in police forces in England and Wales (September 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC response                 

Online and on the edge: real risks in a virtual world (July 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC News Article                                     PCC response

In harm's way: the role of the police in keeping children safe (July 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC News Article

Building the picture: an inspection of police information management (July 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC News Article                                     PCC response

Stop and search powers 2: are the police using them effectively and fairly? (March 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC response 

The welfare of vulnerable people in police custody (March 2015)

HMIC report                           PCC News Article                                     PCC response 


Crime inspection (November 2014)

HMIC report                           Dorset Police Response                           PCC response

Police integrity and corruption (November 2014)

HMIC report                           Dorset Police Response                           PCC response

Crime Recording: Making the victim count (November 2014)

HMIC report                           PCC News Article

Crime data integrity (November 2014)

HMIC report                           PCC News Article

An inspection of undercover policing in England and Wales (October 2014)

HMIC report                           PCC response 

Core Business: An inspection into crime prevention, police attendance and the use of police time (September 2014)

HMIC report                           PCC response

Policing in Austerity: Meeting the Challenge (July 2014)

HMIC report                           PCC response

The Strategic Policing Requirement: An inspection of the arrangements that police forces have in place to meet the Strategic Policing Requirement (June 2014)

HMIC report (Public Order)         PCC response

HMIC report (Cyber Incidents)    

Everyone’s Business: Improving the police response to domestic abuse (2014)

HMIC report                            PCC response

Dorset - Response to the funding challenge (July 2013)

HMIC report

Policing in Austerity: Rising to the Challenge (July 2013)

HMIC report                          

Stop and Search Powers: Are the police using them effectively and fairly? (July 2013)

HMIC report                           PCC response

A Criminal Use of Police Cells? The use of police custody as a place of safety to people with mental health needs (June 2013)

HMIC report                           PCC response

Stop the Drift 2 - A continuing focus on 21st Century Criminal Justice (June 2013)

Joint Inspection report           PCC response 

Anti-Social Behaviour – Personal, Situational and Incidental Vulnerabilities to ASB Harm: A follow-up study (April 2013)

HMIC report                           PCC response

Living in a Different World: Joint review of disability hate crime (March 2013)

Joint Inspection report           PCC response

Mistakes were Made: HMIC’s review into allegations and intelligence material concerning Jimmy Savile between 1964 and 2012 (March 2013)

HMIC report                           PCC response

Dorset - revisiting police relationships: progress report (December 2012)

HMIC report                           PCC response

Revisiting Police Relationships: Progress report (December 2012)

HMIC report                          


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