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PCC Expenses

Here you can find the expenses claimed by the Police and Crime Commissioner. We are statutorily obliged to publish these every quarter.

Expenses and Allowances

The purpose of authorised allowances is to reimburse expenses incurred by PCCs in carrying out their duties, not to provide a general gratuity for undertaking the role. The following kinds of allowances can be claimed if reasonably incurred by a PCC in the exercise of their duties:

  • travel expenses;
  • subsistence expenses;
  • exceptional expenses.

The Home Secretary’s determination on police and crime commissioner expenses sets out the authorised allowances that may be reimbursed to PCCs in undertaking the role.


PCC Expenses - David Sidwick


Quarter 1 - May-June 2021

Quarter 2 - July-September 2021

Quarter 3 - October-December 2021

Quarter 4 - January-March 2022



Former PCC Expenses – Martyn Underhill 


Quarter 1 - April, May 2021


Quarter 4 - (January, February, March) 2021

Quarter 3 - (October, November, December) 2020

Quarter 2 - (July, August, September) 2020

Quarter 1 - (April, May, June) 2020


To view previous financial years please scroll down the page.

Value for money

As part of the transparency rules with which we are legally required to comply, we must provide the reasons why we consider that good value for money has been obtained for items of expenditure relating to travel, accommodation, and subsistence.

Decisions about the attendance of the police and crime commissioner (and senior OPCC officers) at meetings and events are driven by the objectives of the Police and Crime Commissioner's Police and Crime Plan.

To ensure value for money, all individuals within the OPCC are obliged to use the most practical, economic and sustainable method of travel available for journeys to meetings, events, etc, and where available, rail and bus passes are used. Taxis are only used when public transport is not available.

Whenever possible, business travel and accommodation is procured by the office in advance through the South West Police Procurement Department (SWPPD) Business Travel Framework. The SWPPD determine the best approach to the market and undertake fair and open tender processes that ensure whole life costing of the contract, and requirements management approaches are applied to determine the best value option for the force and OPCC.

Where it is necessary for the PCC or an OPCC officer to make such purchases relating to travel , accommodation and subsistence themselves, they must provide evidence that shows their choice was the most economic option for the date and time of travel before it will be reimbursed.

Previous Financial Years


Quarter 4 (January, February, March) 2020

Quarter 3 (October, November, December) 2019

Quarter 2 (July, August, September) 2019

Quarter 1 (April, May, June) 2019


Quarter 4 (January, February, March) 2019

Quarter 3 (October, November, December) 2018

Quarter 2 (July, August, September) 2018

Quarter 1 (April, May, June) 2018


Quarter 4 (January, February, March) 2018

Quarter 3 (October, November, December) 2017

Quarter 2 (July, August, September) 2017

Quarter 1 (April, May, June) 2017


Quarter 4 (January, February, March) 2017

Quarter 3 (October, November, December) 2016

Quarter 2 (July, August, September) 2016

Quarter 1 (April, May, June) 2016


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