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Scrutiny Panels

Independent Scrutiny Panels are administered by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) to enable the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) to hold Dorset Police to account in the below areas. The PCC chairs the Use of Police Powers and Standards Scrutiny Panel. The Out of Court Disposals Panel has an independent chair. Both Panels comprise members of the public together with representatives from the Force and OPCC.


Panel Minutes 13 March 2024 

Panel Minutes 28 November 2023

Panel Minutes 5 September 2023

Panel Minutes 8 June 2023

Panel Minutes 8 March 2023 

Panel Minutes 1 December 2022

Panel Minutes 8 September 2022

Panel Minutes 8 June 2022

Panel Minutes 3 March 2022 - Inaugural Meeting 


Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel

An Out of Court Disposal (OoCD) is a way of dealing with less serious offending.

Our use of Out of Court Disposals is victim focused - taking into account the full circumstances of the offence, offender and views of the victim.

An offender has to admit they are guilty of an offence to be issued with an Out of Court Disposal and be eligible in terms of previous recorded offending.

Out of Court Disposals allow the police to deal effectively and proportionately with low-level, often first-time offending without a prosecution at court, by providing the victim with a reparative solution (such as offering an apology, payment of compensation and/or repairing any damage caused) and addressing the offender's behaviour through a solution that is both punitive - for example by issuing a police caution - and rehabilitative - through an appropriate course to treat the offender's behaviour.

The Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel was set up to ensure that the use of Out of Court Disposals (OoCDs) is appropriate, proportionate, consistent with national and local policy, and considers the victims’ wishes where appropriate.  Members of the panel include an independent chair, representatives from the Criminal Justice and Youth Justice services.  Meetings are also attended by representatives from the Force and the OPCC.  At each meeting the panel consider a random selection of OoCD cases based on a theme which has been decided upon at the previous meeting.

Terms of Reference for Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel

Panel Meeting Summary (latest at top of list)

Panel Minutes 3 April 2024 

Panel Minutes 14 December 2023

Panel Minutes 13 September 2023

Panel Minutes 21 June 2023

Panel Minutes 22 March 2023

Panel Minutes 16 December 2022

Panel Minutes 14 September 2022

Panel Minutes 16 June 2022 

Panel Minutes 24 March 2022

Panel Minutes prior to 2022 are available on request. 



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