Inaugural Dorset Police Young People Awards

Dorset Police and the OPCC have launched a new awards scheme designed to promote and foster positive relationships between Dorset Police and young people.

Inaugural Dorset Police Young People Awards

 The awards recognise outstanding behaviour, contributions, commitment and innovation that young people make.

The new ‘Dorset Police Young People Awards’ allows members of the public, as well as Dorset police staff and officers, to nominate young people who have made a difference in their local community.

Anyone between 11 and 24 years of age can be nominated for an award, and the nomination process couldn’t be easier.  The nomination criteria are

  • The group or individual must live, or operate a service in Dorset.
  • Youth Groups must be nominated on the work that the young people undertake as part of that group
  • The nominations can be for groups or individuals that undertake initiatives that tackle crime, and community safety, such a operating clean up days in the local community, use digital means to promote safety awareness, provide diversionary activities for other young people.

To nominate a young person or youth group, simply complete the nomination form which is available from the Dorset Police website with their name(s,) age(s), contact details and a summary of the reason why they are being nominated with any supporting evidence, along with the contact details of the person or organisation making the nomination.   Forms can be submitted either by email or post.

Successful nominees will be invited to attend the annual awards ceremony and presented with a certificate from Dorset Police as a sign of the Force’s recognition and appreciation of the young person’s achievements.

One overall award winner will be chosen from all of the year’s successful nominees, for the following categories;

  • Youth Group of the Year
  • Individual Young Person’s Award 11-18 years
  • Individual Young Adult Award 19-24 years
  • Dorset PCC Youth Award for Excellence

Closing date for submissions is 30th June 2015 with the winners will receive their awards at the annual Young People Awards Ceremony on 11th September 2015. 

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