Dorset PCC Welcomes IPCC Reform

Martyn Underhill, the Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed the Home Office announcement to reform the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Dorset PCC Welcomes IPCC Reform

Home Secretary Theresa May has concluded that the IPCC’s existing governance model is no longer suitable for the expanding organisation and in light of its enhanced role in the reformed police disciplinary and complaints systems, which will be overhauled as a result of measures in the Policing and Crime Bill.

Martyn Underhill said: “I welcome this decision from Government to rename the organisation and develop its structure and governance.  Changing the police complaints process is an issue that many residents have raised and it is good to see the Home Office responding positively to public views.”

The new body known as the ‘Office for Police Conduct’ will have increased powers following reforms in the Policing and Crime Bill, including initiating its own investigations and recommending remedies.

Martyn Underhill continues: “Police and Crime Commissioners are getting more involved with the policing complaints system both locally and nationally and I watch these developments with interest.”

The reformed organisation will be headed by a director general instead of a large number of commissioners. The director general will be appointed by Her Majesty The Queen and be ultimately accountable for individual casework decisions, including in respect of the investigation of the most serious and sensitive allegations involving the police. Corporate governance will be provided by a board comprising a majority of non-executive directors appointed by the Home Secretary to challenge and have oversight of the overall running of the organisation.

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