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Neighbourhood Watch has never been more important

I have been heartened to see how people across Dorset have come together to support each other during the COVID-19 pandemic - being a ‘good neighbour’ has never been more important.

I want to take the opportunity during Neighbourhood Watch Week to recognise and thank all of our Watch members in Dorset. I want to thank them especially for what they are doing during this difficult time to help our communities be safer, connected and more resilient.

Last year I shared examples of the positive impact our Watch members are having in protecting our communities. This year I want to highlight their collective, national response to the virus.

Watch members across the country have been encouraging people to ‘Be Kind, Connect, Support and Share’ during these challenging times as part of the Collective Action Response to COVID-19.

They have been supporting our communities in many different ways. For example, they have been shopping for food and medicine for neighbours, organising ‘safe distance’ community events and sharing information and advice on COVID-19 related scams.

The restrictions to our lives have left many feeling isolated and worried about the future and I know the actions of Neighbourhood Watch volunteers will have brought comfort and support to many people who needed it.

In addition, Watch schemes across the country have been providing the Home Office with the view ‘from the ground’ during the crisis. This has given the government a better understanding of the impact the virus is having on our local areas.

I know many of the people who run the Watch schemes in Dorset and they are dedicated to keeping our communities safe. We are fortunate to have around 780 schemes under the umbrella of the Association of Dorset Watches. The schemes are wide ranging and include Community Speed Watch, Horse Watch and Farm Watch. They are always looking for new members as the more people we have looking out for each other the better. Please consider joining. You can find more details here

As I said last year, there is no doubt that those involved in all of these schemes are heroes. They have demonstrated this throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and have shown once again how important it is to be a good neighbour.

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