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Tips for keeping your dog safe in Pet Theft Awareness Week

Tips for keeping your dog safe in Pet Theft Awareness Week
Police and Crime Commissioner, David Sidwick is marking Pet Theft Awareness week (14th March to 21st March 2022) by sharing tips for keeping your pet dog safe:
• Firstly, never leave your dog unattended. No matter how tempting it is, when you go into the shop don’t leave the dog tied up outside.
• Make certain that wherever your dog lives, it’s secure so nobody is able to just lean over the fence and pinch it. Take a close look at your home and garden boundaries. Make sure gates and entrances are locked, kennels aren’t visible from the street, and if possible make your fence harder to climb by adding a trellis.
• And make sure that whenever your dog’s out in public, it’s got a collar and lead on, including a tag. Whatever you do, don’t put your dog’s name on the tag – just your name and a contact number.
There are other things you can do and the Force has got more information here -
Having your dog neutered will mean it’s less likely to be stolen for breeding. Microchipping is not only a legal requirement, it means your dog will be much easier to track down if it is stolen. And if you can, varying where you walk your dog – and what time of the day you do it – can also help.
At the end of last year, the government announced proposals for a new dog abduction offence. The new offence, which would attract sentences of up to five years, has been added to the Kept Animals Bill which is currently making its way through Parliament.
The PCC added "As the proud owner of a cockapoo pup, I understand perfectly why people are so concerned about dog theft. When you take a dog into your home, it becomes a member of the family. To a young child a dog is a treasured friend, and to an older person experiencing loneliness and isolation, it can be a lifeline of support."
If your dog has been stolen, you should report it to Dorset Police by dialling 101 or using the online ‘report it online’ tool.

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