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OPCC Summer Safety Survey

Every summer, my office holds a survey and this year it’s all about how safe you feel in Dorset.

I would like to thank everyone who has already taken part, completed the survey and shared their thoughts and opinions.

However, I want as many views as possible, so this week I’m asking you to spare a couple of minutes to complete the survey because I want to know what the people, businesses and other organisations in Dorset think about their area they live or work in.

The survey is primarily for residents, but if you run a business or an organisation in Dorset, you can still take part, choose the location of your business or organisation and tell us about that area - after all you spend a large part of your time in our county - so please do click the boxes and tell us how safe you feel.

Having been your Police and Crime Commissioner for just over a year, I am very keen to learn more about your perception of policing in your community. I want to know how ‘safe’ you feel in your community, I want to know how ‘visible and connected’ you feel to Dorset Police and whether you think Dorset Police are using their resources to the best effect where you live.

My Police and Crime Plan has six priorities and there has been a lot of work happening to progress them in the last year.

I want to know you have heard the news that -

  • 44 out of the 50 new ‘uplift’ officers have gone directly into policing our communities and neighbourhoods
  • There is a dedicated police operation tackling ASB across Dorset – Operation Relentless
  • That my office has funded 10 initiatives to tackle ASB through the Op. Relentless Fund
  • Have you heard about Op. Scorpion and Op. Viper – two big police operations to tackle drug criminality in Dorset and across the South West
  • That the Rural Crime Team has received a 400% increase in dedicated resources
  • That my office has brought in over £500,000 in government funding into Dorset to tackle Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women and Girls.

If you haven’t heard about all this – then please do find out more by checking my website, signing up to Dorset Alert or checking out our social media.

I would encourage you to find out more about the work that has been happening on your behalf and   take the survey and give me your own personal perception of policing in your area, not what the media say or what social media may say – what you say is important to me.

David Sidwick

Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset


Take the Summer Safety Survey here.



All OPCC surveys are completely anonymous – (no personal information is requested/collected or stored).

The OPCC use the results as anonymised statistics. Where participants have been asked to provide comments, these cannot be identified to a survey user. Comments are combined with those gathered from other survey participants and are analysed as part of a group.

The OPCC provides these anonymised results to stakeholder partners such as Dorset Police, to help them gain a better understanding of what is working well and identify areas that may need improvement.


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