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Who’s going to drive you home this summer?

This week, Dorset Police launch their summer drink/drug drive campaign.

This year’s campaign is all about planning to end your night out safely and as the Police and Crime Commissioner who has set out a vision for Dorset to be the safest county, I really want to encourage you to plan ahead and get home safe.

Last summer 979 people failed a breath test at the roadside and in 2020, 315 people were arrested for driving whilst under the influence of drugs. This year, those who choose to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs risk even tougher sanctions.

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act has just come into force which means tougher sentences for dangerous driving. Tougher sanctions for offending motorists will mean that the punishment reflects the seriousness of the behaviour.

The maximum penalty for causing death by dangerous driving has been increased from 14 years imprisonment to life imprisonment. These offences will now have the same maximum penalty as manslaughter. A new offence of causing serious injury by careless driving has also been created and can result in a sentence of up to two years in prison.

Driving under the influence of drink or drugs can also have a number of other consequences, you could lose your job, receive a fine and face jail time. But it's not just you that’s at risk. You could kill or seriously injure another person by choosing to drive after having a drink or taking drugs.

Over the summer, we will be sharing Dorset Police’s tips, advice and information about road safety on social media, and you can follow the campaign through the hashtag #WhosGonnaDriveYouHome. If you plan ahead and take the right steps to ensure you can get home safely, we can make Dorset the safest county this summer.


David Sidwick

Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner


If you have information about someone who you believe is drink or drug driving, you can report it via the Dorset Police website. If you are reporting someone who is driving under the influence at that moment, please dial 999.

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