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PCC welcomes commitment from Dorset Police to visit all victims of home burglaries.

Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner has welcomed a commitment from Dorset Police for its officers to visit all victims of home burglaries.

All 43 Chief Constables from across the country, have backed a commitment from the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) which said all police forces would now attend all home burglary incidents in order to catch more burglars, and support victims after such a traumatic and invasive experience.

PCC David Sidwick said, “I have always had an expectation that if you are burgled, you deserve such a crime to be taken seriously and that is why burglary is specifically listed as a priority within my Police and Crime Plan.  

“Responding to crimes that matter, such as house burglary is what most people expect from the police and despite Dorset having relatively low levels of house burglary, I know that being a victim of burglary can be truly devastating and that’s why I wholeheartedly support Dorset Police in their determination to put victims first and bring offenders to justice.

As your Police and Crime Commissioner, I will continue to scrutinise and challenge the force to ensure that effective, expert, investigations are taking place which, in turn will result in an increase in positive outcome rates for detection and ultimately, more charges being brought against those who commit such crimes.”

“Its vital that we increase public confidence and trust in policing and having the police respond to crimes, such as burglary is an important step forward. I am pleased that Dorset Police has supported this national commitment and I will now ensure close monitoring of the same on behalf of the residents and communities of Dorset.”

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