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Statement on the Chideock Meeting/Chris Loder MP

As previously commented - the Chief Constable has given me a satisfactory explanation as to why contact was made with the two individuals who wanted to attend the meeting held by Chris Loder MP in Chideock.

As is now routine, with public meetings involving MPs, Dorset Police received notification that two individuals were attending the meeting who were not Chideock residents.

Dorset Police chose to go and visit these individuals in order to ensure that public safety was preserved and that lawful protest could be facilitated. 

Dorset Police carried out the visit with good intentions. They have apologised for any distress they may have caused and have said that they will keep under review their approach to dealing with such matters. I understand that the individuals have been informed of their right to complain formally through the police complaints process.

I too have asked for a review of this incident to ensure that such checks are carried out in a proportionate manner and are done so, in line with the principles of threat, risk and harm.

I am satisfied that there has been no undue interference with regard to the operational integrity of Dorset Police.


David Sidwick

Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset

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