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Operation Sceptre – tackling knife crime here in Dorset

The national operation to tackle knife crime, known as Operation Sceptre, launches this week and here in Dorset officers will be concentrating not only on apprehending those who carry knives and using intelligence gathered to target those who are known to be habitual knife carriers, they will take the opportunity to raise awareness of the issues surrounding knife crime and to ‘prevent’ knife crime too. I look forward to updating you soon about what happened under Op Sceptre, here in Dorset, but my thanks go to all those who are involved in this Op this week.

The Home Office have also launched an online consultation, to gather public opinion on proposals to amend legislation on knife crime, from banning certain types of machetes and knives which seem to have no practical use and seem to be designed to look menacing and suitable for combat to introducing a new possession offence, which centres on having a ‘bladed article’ with the intention to endanger life or to cause fear of violence.

I would like to encourage you to go online and give your opinion – it’s important that the Government hears what you have to say on this subject – so please do go online and tell them what you think.

Take part here - Machetes and other bladed articles: proposed legislation - GOV.UK (

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