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Important work is performed by a whole range of organisations, from the public, community and voluntary, and private sectors, which deliver services that aim to address crime and community safety issues for the benefit of our communities in Dorset.

The PCC is able to add value to this delivery by working in partnership with these organisations in order to identify needs, consider the best options to address those needs and then to introduce new or support existing services to achieve successful outcomes. The resources available to the PCC to commission these services are generally accessed through a variety of government funding streams.  The sum of these funding streams constitute the Safer Dorset Fund (SDF).

Our approach to commissioning focuses upon the priorities that have been identified and published within the Police and Crime Plan. The priorities have been determined through analysis of key information at both a local and a national level (commonly known as ‘strategic assessments’); together with consultation with Dorset Police, with other partner organisations and with members of the public. Utilising the SDF, a range of worthwhile projects and initiatives that address one or more of these priorities, is commissioned.

Commissioning of the SDF is made via both the Major Grants and Commissioning scheme and the  Community Grant scheme, designed primarily for voluntary and community sector applications. In addition, the PCC influences national commissioning of services for victims, witnesses and offenders, in support of local need and outcomes.

Arrangements for monitoring the outcomes of activities often take place using a multi-agency approach, overseen by a number of important partnerships that we work closely with, some outlined under Key Partnerships, in order to evaluate success and inform future commissioning decisions.

How we spend/allocate our commissioning budget

The below pie chart shows where our £2.4 million commissioning budget in 2014/15 was allocated.  We supported over 66 different projects including a number of Community Grant awards, across the illustrated 10 broad areas of focus. 



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