Boscombe Angels


Boscombe Angels is a project set up by Churches Together in Boscombe. with the aim of being a practical, caring, non judgemental presence within the community.Similar projects can be found in towns and cities across the UK


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Throughout the year the volunteers are a presence on Friday nights in Boscombe particularly on the precinct starting about 9.00pm . They make a difference by action such as helping people to find a taxi, through to supporting those who find themselves vulnerable late at night. They offer anything from sick bags, tissues, water, and flip flops if there are alcohol related issues but also offer information on local agencies and charities where longer term support can be found if necessary.

Like other towns, Boscombe has some rough sleepers and the Council works closely with them to help them reequip themselves for a new start. A few can be persistent and their volunteers will look out for them especially on a very cold night and offer help and support. It is always good to hear of those who have managed to make new beginnings in their lives.

Each summer for six weeks, they also have a team on the prom from Fisherman’s Walk to Boscombe Pier. This can be a busy time with many international students as well as holidaymakers and locals.

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