Bishops Caundle Parish Council


The Parish Council of Bishops Caundle asked the PCC for Ā£443.24 to ensure the safety of those using the recreation ground, and a reduction in ASB.


The money was used to do two things; extend a section of already installed fencing and block numerous holes in some hedging which separated the childrenā€™s play area from the A3030.

The funding was used to extend a section of fencing, and to block numerous holes in the established hedging that separatedĀ the childrens play area for the busy A3030and local B roads.The existing gate can now be locked at night facilitating emergency access to the recreation ground . whilst deterring anti-social use of vehicles on the recreation ground which had, in the past, caused damage to the football field.

The Parish believe that the fence has encouraged people to use the perimiter of the recreation ground for walking their dogs, instead of allowing them free access to the main play area and sports field, and has increased teh use of the 'dog bins' making the play area cleaner and safer.Previously,Ā despite numerous council notices stating animals need to remain on a leash, they were often allowed to roam free where they could cause accidents and have had near misses on the nearby main roads.

Sue Harris, of Bishops Caundle PC, has been very happy with the outcomes of the fencing, saying: ā€œwe are confident that the local children will be much safer as a resultā€

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