Blandford Pubwatch


Blandford Pubwatch was set up by members of the local licensing forum who wanted to work together with other licensee members and improve the safety of their premises and town.


The pubwatch scheme was working well in the community , however they wanted to secure a radio system which would enable them to easily communicate with each other and the Police when alcohol related anti-social behaviour was taking place.

£1500 was awarded from the Safer Dorset Fund to go towards the communications system , and to help fund training sessions.

As a result Blandford Pubwatch has expanded to include Blandford Shopwatch, with in excess of 20 shops being included in the scheme. Communication between business owners in Blandford has greatly improved and the Forum’s relationship with the Police has benefited.

The radio system was set up with the help of local PCSOs and has proved to be extremely useful. All members have been trained on how to properly use the system and because of this, Police have been able to use the radios to pass messages across the system and members of Pubwatch and Shopwatch have been able to assist in locating missing persons.

Leani Haim who works for Blandford Town Council said: “This grant meant that Pubwatch could move up to a more effective system, making Blandford Forum a safer place. With the help of the team of PCSO’s, the Blandford CCTV operator Alan Hunt, radio technician Ted Bain and Hugo of First Call Communications, the system is now up and running, and shops and public houses are encouraged to join”.

An evaluation survey was undertaken amongst  members . which saw 100% of respondents stating that they had seen a reduction in crime, with 50% saying that they also felt personally safer since the introduction of the radios,

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