Christchurch Activities for Young People


This new project will engage young people aged 13-18 with life skills training to help them in their future careers.

  • Priority 2

The project will be managed and shaped by local young people, ensuring a young person centred approach able to directly address the needs of local young people. The steering group will be made up of young people , who will be trained in project management and will be closely supported by the CAYP coordinator and volunteer staff. The project will focus on the Somerford Estate in Christchurch, although it will not exclude young people who do not live on there. Somerford is the most deprived area in Dorset for education and skills and therefore attracts higher levels of unemployment, people on benefits and more people with time on their hands with nothing to do. The project will alleviate boredom through  positive activities for young people allowing them an  opportunity to take part in skill acquisition workshops especially working with those who find school a struggle and will support them in a way that prevents them from engaging in more negative forms of behaviour. 


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