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This project will provide vulnerable Young People in Dorset aged 13-17 with the opportunity to take part in Dorset and Wiltshire's Fire and Rescue Service's, Safer People And Responsible Communities (SPARC) personal development programme.


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SPARC helps to make communities in Dorset safer by working proactively with young people aged between 13 and 17 and provides the participants with the opportunity to build their confidence and skills.
A range of young people from vulnerable groups will be targeted to attend the course and gain the necessary skills and experience to complete the AQA Award in Fire Services Training. Young People from a variety of vulnerable groups will be targeted including:
• Young Carers
• Those at risk of anti-social behaviour or offending
• Those at risk of exclusion
• Young People with Special Educational Needs
One of Dorset & Wiltshire’s Fire and Rescue Service's current apprentices who has supported SPARC programmes previously, has seen the impact these programmes have on young people and wished to secure further courses to give more young people the opportunity to take part.
Young people will benefit through an increased awareness of the dangers of risk taking behaviour and the work the fire service carries out across Dorset but most importantly learn about ways in which they can keep themselves and their families safe in the home and on the roads.  For example, this could be about ensuring smoke alarms are fitted in their homes and regularly checked, helping them plan escape routes for their families in case of an emergency or making siblings aware of the dangers on the road.  This project will give a group of vulnerable young people the opportunity to experience what it is like to be an operational firefighter and helps to give them a basic understanding of the many needless and avoidable incidents the emergency services attend each day.
Over the 5 days young people will learn firefighting skills, take part in team building activities, solve problems, gain accreditation, self esteem and an awareness of fire and road safety. The 5 day course will finish with a Pass Out parade where friends and family can celebrate the young peoples achievements.
Other benefits the young people gain from completing the course will be
• Adopt a new set of personal values;
• Understand the consequences of fire setting and anti-social behaviour;
• Work co-operatively with others in a team environment;
• See the advantages of improving their learning and performance;
• Gain self-esteem and self-confidence;
• Improve communication skills.


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