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The Dorset Volunteer Centre is part of a national network of volunteer centres that help voluntary and community organisations recruit and manage their volunteers, and helps people interested in volunteering to find interesting and enjoyable opportunities.


The PCC grant will enable them to purchase two way radios which will available for the use of volunteers stewarding large community events to ensure crowd safety.

The radios were used to support community events during the latter part of 2016 as a result of match funding secured from West Dorset provided by car boot funds. The event’s Included the One World Festival, The Anonymous Festival, and Camp Bestival. They proved invaluable to Local Community organisers and teams and added greatly to the security and safety of the event as a result wellbeing and confidence of the community and general public was increased significantly.
The bureau have received positive feedback from all users on the effectiveness of the radios - training was been provided internally by ex-service personnel on the use of the equipment’s well as call signs and communication protocol. Users teams were upskilled which provided greater confidence.

The loaners are willing to pay the agreed donation of £50 as funds toward the continuing use of radios and replacement facilities for future years. It is hoped that future events will receive increase footfall attendance as a result of the greater confidence in local organising teams as public safety is enhanced.



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